Toward understanding Bahrain’s events

Dr Mansoor Al-Jamri is interviewed by Al-Hurra TV in which he reflects on the events in Bahrain over the past year, discusses the Bassiouni report and the political and social situation which contributed to these events. He also suggests ways in which this situation could be resolved.

Well worth watching to give you a real perspective in 44 minutes and 53 seconds.

Dr Mansoor Al-Jamri's interview with Al-Hurra TV about the events in Bahrain

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  • exclamation mark
    27 December 2011

    Watched it live when it was displayed on Al Hurra.
    The first thing that struck me is the threat the new paper received if Mansoor was not sacked!
    The offices of the paper would be raided by military troops!!

    I feel that he was not given more time to speak out on Bahrain, his statements were strong though,
    But I wish he was given more time!

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