Practical Marketing Lessons


Lessons in practical marketing: on the left are warm colours, bright but warn environment, hi end tv running a high end looping advert, ‘welcome’ used at the ticket machine, services clearly shown with simple icons and a nice well maintained plant inside and a quick service machine outside.

On the right, dark, dingy and old. Mismatched lights, scored desks, claustrophobic blacks, mismatched ad boards, two old tv screens with static content, empty feedback form stand and a pretense at living the environment by having a phone recycling box but no plant in sight, negating the caring message.

Which would you give your business to?


  1. Adel

    VIVA !!! .. to ppl who focus on quality of their main services and cost efficiency!

  2. Reader911

    I would give my business to the cheapest…. VIVA.

    Batelco is too stubborn to give better offers.

    Zain they have never ever changed their packages since they started business and lately their service is bad.

  3. exclamation mark

    Well Mahmood,

    We can’t base a decision on appearances… and plus what is more important is the kind of services and cost.

    1. Post

      True, but appearance has a lot to do with it.

      “Dress how you wish to be addressed” comes to mind.

  4. exclamation mark

    In Brief, the entrepreneur might want to express or pass on some messages to the customer through appearances, atmosphere etc… If someone wants to express himself as a five star, that is necessary.

    But for a customer, Al Shoala might be very much satisfactory rather than going to luxurious one, eventhough he is very much capable in terms of his income.

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