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Moscow, I love you!

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We‘re in Moscow at the moment on a production job. We made our way to Red Square and spent most of the day there. It is astounding to say the very least. Really enjoyed it, and we’re going back again tonight and probably tomorrow to get some pick-ups.

Let me share some of that with you:


It’s over

Over the last few years of active blogging, and BBSing and other forms of electronic communication since 1986, I have decided to stop active blogging and would like to thank everyone for their friendship, support, suggestions and comments.

It’s been fun, but it’s time to move on.

Thanks very much and best of luck to everyone. It’s been a pleasure.


On Al-Jazeera!

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I’ve been interviewed and filmed by Al-Jazeera’s Hashim Ahelbarra (the English channel) about a couple of weeks ago, the segment is airing in their news program throughout the day today Nov 8th, ’07. If you’re interested in watching, you can do so online (click here or click “watch now” on their front page).

Hope you like it.

update: If the schedule doesn’t change, it looks like they’re rebroadcasting it at around 25 past the hour every hour.

update 2: Al-Jazeera has just posted the interview on their website, and by the magic of YouTube, here it is too:


Thorny Brithday

Thorny Brithday

Thorny Brithday, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Birthday Cactii
I planted all the cactii earlier this morning, and took some nice pictures around the garden. They’re uploaded to my flickr account if you want to have a peek. Thanks all for your kind wishes again.

My wife and children are happy that I have taken up gardening. Now, they say, it’s pretty easy to pick up a present for me!

And today, Friday, is my 45th birthday, which is proving to be a very thorny one!

When two of my friends have opted to get motorbikes to deal with their mid-life crisis, I’m opting for gardening and I love it.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends!