The garden this morning and some sad news

I noticed that one of the palms, the favorite, was looking a bit sickly yesterday when driving home. That wasn’t that far from the truth, unfortunately. The gardener was fearful that it might have died, so I asked him to call the “palm tree surgeon” whom I always use to take care of them. He had a good look and suggested that the dead new growth in the centre of the palm was due to them being impacted due to the date bunches whose weight might have broken off the new growth at their roots. I’m not sure I would go with that explanation, but I’ll go with it at the moment.

The remedy, he suggested, was to cut off all the centre new fronds and just wait. Hoping for the best.

Here are some more shots I took this morning.

Xeriscaped border Red Canna

Water lily Water lilies

Wishing you a fantastic Friday.

Update – Sat 23 Jun 2012

Unfortunately more bad news. The palm tree surgeon came over and cut the offending centre dead fronds only to find rot has set in, together with termites which have eaten away the core. He’s not very hopeful that it will survive but suggested we check it again in a couple of weeks if it lasts that long and take it from there. Here’s what we found:

I’ll start looking for a crane and crew to come and pluck it out of its place. Better be ready…

  • Mark
    22 June 2012


    Sorry to hear about your sickly Palms. I understand what those trees mean to you and replacing them won’t be easy.

    Wish there was something I could do. I do understand what you tree guy wants to do. Sometimes “defoliage” can spur growth. I hope this is the case.

    • mahmood
      23 June 2012

      Thanks Mark. As the update I just posted shows, there is little hope for it to survive. But this is life…

  • bonsaimark
    23 June 2012

    Sorry my friend. At least you know the cause now. If you replace them you can now take measures to insure their health.

    Still I know what those Palms mean to you. It isn’t easy.

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