The Palm Tree is Out

Quite a sad day today. We’ve had to have the palm tree removed. It didn’t show any recovery unfortunately, in fact if anything, it regressed as the canopy almost collapsed and the crown was tilting down, a sure sign of trouble. So I engaged a local guy with access to a high-lift crane mounted on a flat-bed to come and do the honors. They came with a couple of workers and had at it.

The problem was they expected it to be pulled out in a couple of hours. It actually took them more than double that time. What we discovered was that the tree was planted deep and its crown covered by at least a couple of feet, but what palms do apparently is simply sprout new roots! That meant that the guys were hacking not just at roots to free the tree, but hack away at solid trunk below the ground too. That took an awful lot of work, but in the end, its done. I’m not sure what to fill that new area with at the moment, but its early days yet.

  • Mark
    3 July 2012


    What about another Palm? ($$$$$$?) With the Palm gone are you concerned about what impact the additional sunlight will have? For better or worse?

    We have three huge Pine’s that border our property and I would be thrilled if any one of them was removed, as these trees choke most of the afternoon sun.

    Big party here on the 21st. Consider this your invite. Ole~


    • mahmood
      3 July 2012

      I’m not sure yet. The area now looks like the gap a removed tooth leaves behind. Ugly. Too much light. But I’ll bide my time and just wing it.

The garden this morning and some sad news