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Hussam Al-Haddad, 16yo Bahraini boy killed by Bahraini police

Another young soul is extinguished. Courtesy of the Bahraini police.

The crime? Demonstrating for social justice. Democracy. Freedoms.

He purportedly threw Molotov cocktails at a police car. The police’s response was brutal and inhumane. According to eye-witnesses he was shot in the back and beaten to a pulp by uniformed and out of uniform individuals, said to be undercover policemen. There is no way to know their identity, who they work for, and who authorises them to habitually brutally assault civilians.

To me, this is a heinous. This is once again an unwarranted excessive use of force, but was also a complete absence of humanity, all perpetrated by the impunity the police and their cohorts enjoy as a matter of course, resulting in assured injustice visited upon the citizens of this country.

This is the Bahraini government’s Eid gift to a broken nation.

And they talk about dialogue and rapprochement to bridge the gap. I’m afraid that gap has developed into a chasm that needs the likes of the United Nations to help bridge. On our own, I don’t think this is doable by using our own means any more. Trust and goodwill are well and truly destroyed now.

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  • Emile
    18 August 2012

    A sad for Bahrain. Neither the government or the opposition have gained anything, they have both lost. Sorry for his parents, the loss must be great at such a tender young age. May Allah have mercy on his soul. RIP.

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