Time lapse video of the opening of a Caper Flower – Capparis spinosa

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I noticed another caper flower about to bloom this afternoon so I set up my iPhone 4s to capture a time-lapse movie and this is the result. I’m in love with this flower as it’s so exotic and its life is very limited, normally it lives for just one day, but in that day it brings joy to whomever is fortunate enough to see it. The ants, as you can see, love it too!

  • Cathy
    21 August 2012

    Lovely! How long was the actual time span? I wonder if there is something you can use to keep the ants away? Unless of course there is some symbiotic relationship there. I doubt it!

    • mahmood
      21 August 2012

      Thanks Cathy. The brutes are all over the place. Colonies are ruining my lawn and although I brought a pest control company to deal with them, their impact was negligible. Would love to learn of any experiences in dealing with ant problems.

      The duration of the shoot was a couple of hours. Started this afternoon at 4.19pm and ended around 6.30pm. Very much like the result, and now that I’ve started, I can guarantee you that I won’t stop! 😉

  • globeonmytable
    1 September 2012

    At least the ants are outdoors! In my previous house they walked right in and across the kitchen to go out again. They had their favourite route. I think I dripped Lavender Oil or some such natural repellant at the point where they liked to come in.

    I love the delicacy of the caper flower. Makes me think of eating capers too.

Nabeel Rajab
Time lapse video of the opening of a Caper Flower – Capparis spinosa