Here comes… OSX Mavericks!

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  • mahmood
    23 October 2013

    Installed and now discovering the new features. Like this one:

    Calendar has a fresh new look and powerful new features that make managing your time even easier. A new event inspector makes it simpler to create and edit events by suggesting addresses and points of interest when you start typing in the location field. It shows your event’s location on a map so you can get directions with a click. It also displays a weather forecast and can even calculate travel time, so you know how long it will take to get there. And you can send yourself a notification so you know exactly when to leave.

    The first part of the sentence, i.e., the “fresh new look” is actually quite nice. Other than this superficial change, the “real meat” won’t do me any good in Bahrain.

    Meaning? I need to emigrate to enjoy the full facilities offered by Maverick.

    Not complaining though…

  • Shachar
    2 November 2013

    I find the US centric mindset of many software development companies to be disheartening. I particularly hate the heavy reliance on ZIP codes to figure out where you are.

    With that said, Android 4.4 has a new feature which seems interesting (though I’m not very optimistic about it). You can ask it to treat your locale, whatever it is, as if it’s a right-to-left one. This is meant to help developers who do not speak Urdu or Yiddish design a mirrored interface that works.

    It will be interesting to see whether applications start taking us backwards mid-easterns more seriously.

    I picked Urdu and Yiddish to spite. Upon further research, however, it seems the RTL language spoken by the fewest people might just be Hebrew. Urdu is, however, the least spoken Arabic script language, and there is no info on how many people speak Yiddish as a first language, nor, it seems, how many speak Hebrew as a second one.

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Here comes… OSX Mavericks!