It doesn’t take one

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People think that entrepreneurship depends on just one person, the entrepreneur. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Entrepreneurship isn’t a one-man game but a team sport. Yes, the entrepreneur is normally the leader, the visionary or even the bully that pushes the ideas forward; however, if success is to be achieved it will depend on a team of people to make things happen.

Look at Felix Baumgartner. Do you really think that he alone was responsible for the success of his freefall from the stratosphere? Hardly.

click the image to view the incredible video of the jump

To be successful, you need more than entrepreneurship. You need people who believe in your vision and who will jump on your train. Without them, you might find success, but it will be rare and very, very hard.

A thought for the Eid Holidays. Eid Mubarak my friends!

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It doesn’t take one