To the gym at last!

Today marks the completion of three whole months since my iconic Athens Half Marathon. Forgive me for going on about that, but what have YOU done lately! 😉

And this week marks a month since I’ve had my hip operation. Visiting my doctor yesterday, he assured me that it’s ok to go back to the gym, but use common sense and don’t impact the hip. I told him that common sense isn’t all that common! Being German, he just grunted.

So off I went to the gym this morning. It was a wonderful feeling! Up at five and in the gym by 6:30. I did a whole hour of work, starting with the upper body I did the weight machines, then just the rotational leg exercises: abduction, adduction and extensions. I was careful to ensure that I loaded only light weights and concentrated on repetitions for now. That took about half an hour. It was great! After that I did 30 minutes on the bike, at 80 rpm and the lowest friction setting. I can tell you that I felt really invigorated after that simple workout.

I can’t wait for the next time, hopefully tomorrow 🙂

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To the gym at last!