A sure way to defeat ISIS

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My own personal views on how to defeat ISIS or any other form of extremism:

  1. teaching-religionSeparate mosque from state. Put that in the constitution and don’t allow its reversal.
  2. Critical thinking should be the mandatory teaching methodology.
  3. Remove all instances of the “tripple-R” syndrome.
  4. Don’t teach religion in schools. If people want their children to be religiously educated, they should do it themselves. They shouldn’t be allowed to cop-out by delegating that important task to some other entity without their direct involvement and input. Getting  a cookie cutter version of a religion to be shoved down children’s throats is obviously not the answer. That method failed, quite evidently.
  5. If religion is to be taught in schools, then teach ALL religions, not just the state religion and don’t allow one to be emphasised as “the true religion” and all others are “bad” or “inauthentic” or whatever derogatory method is used to show how exemplary your religion is by denigrating the others. Encourage healthy debate, even at a young age. They’re just young, not imbeciles. One hardly teaches deep theological issues to six-year olds.
  6. Introduce real democracy as a method of rule. Yes, I mean one-man one-vote. If you want to call it “Western” then that’s fine be me. It works. Countries adopting it are way ahead of any of ours. Let people have a choice in who they elect to follow and they should be able to peacefully remove them if they fail their duties, or when their terms expire. No one person for life any more please. That didn’t work in the vast majority of cases throughout the ages. Let’s learn from history for once, rather than continue to blindly repeat it.

There you have it. Maybe by adopting these, the next generation will have a better time at integrating as human being with the rest of the world. And they can choose for dialogue as a method of resolving differences with the others rather than chopping people’s heads off.

Yalla. I’m fed up of waiting.

  • Little John
    11 September 2014

    I couldn’t agree more with every point. Sounds like France 🙂

  • exlclamation mark
    13 September 2014

    Wow, its been a more than a year since I last commented in this blog…
    And this will be my first since than,,,

    With due respect, I think you have actually put your hands on the actual problem! In fact, what you have proposed might be an open gate for extremism and terror under the name of religion….

    It is a long topic, that needs to be discussed by experts of Islamic theology, and the outcome might not be desirable for many , and many may consider the truth to be sectarian,,,

  • exlclamation mark
    13 September 2014

    I wish there was an option to edit comments…. Any what I meant to say ” you haven’t put your hands on the actual problem”

  • stevengregg
    14 September 2014

    It’s a happy thought, but I’m sorry to say that the prospects of any of that happening are dim. What is more likely is that the current circumstances will continue until the oil runs out in the Middle East. Then, having built no industry and no intellectual capital, the economy will whither away to its pre-petroleum state of extreme poverty. The other civilizations will pass the Middle East on by into a future where it will be forgotten, a curious footnote in the history books like the Scythians or Numidians.

  • Slogan Murugan (Gopal MS)
    18 September 2014

    Spot on.

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A sure way to defeat ISIS