Short Stories Welcome

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Do you have a story that you would like to see in film? Well, you’re in luck. Submit yours to me and I’ll give it consideration to be made into a short film – or a long one for that matter.

While I’m open to consider any story, please be aware of a few rules:

  1. You must own the rights to the story you are submitting
  2. It must be original and has not been made into a film previously
  3. Although exclusivity is not an issue at the consideration stage, you might be asked for exclusive rights to produce it into a movie
  4. You will be required to sign legal release forms once a decision is made to use your story
  5. At this time, no financial remuneration is offered; however, you will receive full credit
  6. If your story goes into production, you will be invited to be on set or help with production should you so wish
  7. I reserve the right to add and/or change rules and regulations as I progress. I’ve not done this before so bear with me please. I’m in this for the fun rather than the money.

Still interested? Please submit your story to me via

Let’s get to it!

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Short Stories Welcome