How to deal with customer complaints. A lesson from Tamkeen.

Twelve days ago, I had this to say about Tamkeen:

As you can see above, just one day after posting the initial complaint, which was borne from frustration and previous experiences with Tamkeen, someone took notice of my complaint and took positive action. No less than three Tamkeen personnel called offering to help to resolve the situation. And they did, almost immediately.

Within a day, all paperwork was resubmitted and accepted within their system. The lady in charge of this particular project was immensely helpful and responsive and called me back to assure me that the paperwork was in order and that she has passed on the project to payments.

My other complaint which I shared with those who followed up was to do with the payment period. Tamkeen promises to release payments once all paperwork is accepted within 60 days. I told them that as a small businesses and we simply cannot afford to wait for two months to get our payments, especially when those payment equates to 50% of the total project. Our cashflow won’t allow it. They promised to see what they could do about that too.

Imagine my pleasant surprise yesterday when I found the payment has actually landed in our bank! Just 12 days after the initial complaint. This is excellent.

Thank you Tamkeen for taking active notice of complaints, and thank you too for expediting payments. I hope that as you have proved that you could take such quick action once the complete document set is submitted, that this responsiveness becomes the norm rather than the exception.

Thank you Tamkeen, once again, for your efforts. It is very much appreciated.


  1. DebbieT

    Social media is quite a powerful tool….. companies have learned to pay attention to what their customers are saying online, and respond in a more appropriate way. Well, the companies that *care* about their business do. Well done, Mahmood – happy you got good results!

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