Ebrahim Busaad’s Memories and Love for Nasser Al-Yousif

Ebrahim Busaad interviewed for Nasser Al-Yousif's documentary (pictures by Ali Salman)

Ebrahim Busaad is one of my favourite human beings on earth. His art is a close second as I do love his particular distinctive style in storytelling through his paintings and prints.

Ebrahim was one of my father’s best friends, if not his very best friend. They were inseparable and have remained in contact with each other until my father passed away. Busaad was clearly influenced by my dad from an intellectual points of view. He shared with him the love of simplicity in art and that art – any art – must be genuine to endure.

Art to them both was not a happenstance, but a labour and toil of thought and research and love which must all be invested in the canvas, for only then, they believed, would that piece come to life with its own soul which carries pieces of their own souls within it too.

Ebrahim Busaad interviewed for Nasser Al-Yousif's documentary (pictures by Ali Salman)

Talking to Busaad this morning made me realise what “pure love” is.

He loved my father for his person and his art, his intellect and for the generosity with his time and information. He reciprocated that love with his passionate embrace and belief in his own art, as well as paying it forward too.

Our conversation was really deep and enriching. It is through Ebrahim I got to know my father a bit better and am getting to understand various things about him as more and more blanks get filled.

I’m really happy that I have embarked on this project. It is very emotionally draining for me and I’m trying as much as I can to stay detached and professional. I awe that to my audience in order to deliver a better film to them. I want them to understand Nasser Al-Yousif, his environment, challenges, perspective and art, and I shall remain true to that central concept throughout.

I’d like to recognise and render my thanks to Mr Ebrahim Busaad for his generous contribution to this project. I believe his will be a cornerstone of this production.