next? a pouring of meandering thoughts.. you have been warned.

It’s been so long that writing these words seem so foreign to me. When I started blogging, we weren’t limited to 140 characters, nor was peoples’ attention span. Our experience wasn’t curtailed into how fast a thumb can flick through pictures in an endless stream of blur. We had the time to actually stop, evaluate and pour thoughts into articles. Of course, newspapers and traditional media looked at us in a different way; probably like how I described new media above! What goes around comes around I guess. Regardless, THESE words are a nonsensical stream of consciousness declaring nothing but reminiscing on a time gone by and exploring how I may restart this not-forgotten passion. Not to influence nor aggrandize. Just pour emotion and share experiences which are hopefully worth sharing. The venue might need to be different and closer to today’s eyes but the essence of it – the content – will remain the same, I think. In that it will be useful to someone. It will resonate with someone. It will elicit a response from someone. It will inspire someone. It will encourage someone to ask a question. Or raise a thought. Even if that someone is just me. What are the venues for this delivery platform? There are so many. Overwhelmingly so. But where do people actually spend their time now? Blogs? No. Websites? Less so. Much less. Instagram? That seems to be giving way to TikTok (God how I detest that platform not for its brilliant simple technology, but the shit content it has. I won’t start…) Facebook? Dated. Reddit? Huh? Oh! Hang on! I got it! Blogs! Where else? Is there a venue that people prefer? With this coronavirus podcasts have become oh so de regour. Everybody and their mangy dog has started one. And the screeching bleats of “listen to me listen to me” are non ceasing. Ride the wave, man, and stop complaining like an old geezer. Just ride the wave. At least you’ll enjoy fiddling with the technology that you have coming out of your wazoo! I can even go one step further and start a vlog, like I did so many years ago… or I can even make some online courses! How about that? Well if you’re in that market, put your email here so I can tell you when it becomes available. I need beta testers. No joke. My first course is going to help heads of corporate communications and marketing put a reasonably solid strategy for their video projects and ensure that they’re not taken for a ride. Upon completing the course, they will be able to confidently put a creative brief as well as a reasonable budget together and stop making fools of themselves. That’s enough for now. I’m off courageously fighting and exposing myself to this effing coronacrap to buy some much needed supplies to continue living in the cave until it either removes me from existence or they find a long overdue cure. Yalla!