Shouldn’t more suffer from imposter syndrome?

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Self-labelled experts in every field have come out on an exponential scale over the last few years. Especially since 2011 in my estimation. They’re even more in number than fashion bloggers and their bevy of fashionistas too. I am aghast when listening or seeing them perform their trade. Without fail they choose leadership to expound, of all things, to roomfulls of clapping sheep while their claim to this leadership experience is nothing more than a pretty face, and at best dodgy credentials. Yet, they succeed in filling in rooms, and get fucking Tamkeen to pour money down their spouts! While these charlatans obviously don’t suffer from Imposter Syndrome, they don’t seem to suffer from simple shame either!

WTF man?

And I beat myself silly before even thinking of sharing my own experience. Yes, I have and will always suffer from some kind of imposter syndrome, like 70% of people do. I really believe that this is a necessary mechanism to weed out many in the field and get those with real value to come through.

But then if sheep are ready to follow. Who am I to stop them?

What I propose is a pill (or spray, that might work better) be invented to give the over-confident, under experienced, leadership mangling, intelligence deficient, LinkedIn loving buffoons who plague our air and congest the ready and permissive Tamkeen pay channels.

Leadership! What the effin’ fuck man!

next? a pouring of meandering thoughts.. you have been warned.
Shouldn’t more suffer from imposter syndrome?