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Camels DO NOT make good pets!

They’re born and bred for the desert, not people’s homes and most definitely NOT to be kept as pets. Apart from their natural stink, they apparently are very horny buggers!

Camels having sex

Pet camel kills Australian woman

A woman in Australia has been killed by her pet camel after the animal may have tried to have sex with her.

The woman was found dead at the family’s sheep and cattle ranch near the town of Mitchell in Queensland.

The woman had been given the camel as a 60th birthday present earlier this year because of her love of exotic pets.

The camel was just 10 months old but already weighed 152kg (336lbs) and had come close to suffocating the family’s pet goat on a number of occasions.

On Saturday, the woman apparently became the object of the male camel’s desire.

It knocked her to the ground, lay on top of her and displayed what the police delicately described as possible mating behaviour.

“I’d say it’s probably been playing, or it may be even a sexual sort of thing,” the Associated Press news agency quoted Queensland police Detective Senior Constable Craig Gregory as saying.

Young camels are not normally aggressive but can become more threatening if treated and raised as pets.
BBC News

May she now rest in peace. And put that horny camel down before it does somebody else in!



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Filbert!, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I saw a commotion through my study window and stood up to investigate. It was two mynah birds attacking something and two parakeets attacking the mynahs and in the middle of this mêlée was a little parakeet which was obviously the centre of attention!

The mynahs were intent on killing it, the way they swooped and pecked at its poor head. The parents were almost helpless, but even if they did get rid of the mynahs, how are they going to take this little guy back to his nest which is in the eaves?

It is now adopted by the Al-Yousif household. In addition to two dogs, a multitude of fish, 5 tadpoles, now we have a young parakeet!

This is day one with Filbert, I am sure you will see a lot more pictures in the coming weeks and months.


Vlog #33: How to clean tiled floors

I have no earthly idea what magic my youngest sister Maha uses with cats, but she can do whatever she likes to them and they love her for it! More, with her, cats are like dogs! They follow her around and respond to her commands as if they’ve been to the (dog) obedience school.

I was gob-smacked seeing how the cat behaved in the video above…

Maha you’re a magician! 😆


The dog is sick

Gnasher was in a pretty bad way over the last couple of days poor thing. Because I showered him in the weekend, he apparently didn’t dry enough to go back in the house with the air conditioning on.. and typical of me I blamed Frances for it! 🙁 blaming the tick medicine she’s put on him after being showered.

The vet assured us that it is most probably him going in the house while he was still wet, although I towel him dry twice!

There you have it, the most exciting thing to happen to me lately… shower the dog, get him sick, then take him to the vet this morning. I hope the rest of the day and tomorrow are going to be more interesting! 😀