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I saw a commotion through my study window and stood up to investigate. It was two mynah birds attacking something and two parakeets attacking the mynahs and in the middle of this mêlée was a little parakeet which was obviously the centre of attention!

The mynahs were intent on killing it, the way they swooped and pecked at its poor head. The parents were almost helpless, but even if they did get rid of the mynahs, how are they going to take this little guy back to his nest which is in the eaves?

It is now adopted by the Al-Yousif household. In addition to two dogs, a multitude of fish, 5 tadpoles, now we have a young parakeet!

This is day one with Filbert, I am sure you will see a lot more pictures in the coming weeks and months.


  1. amal

    Filbert is the cutest thing!!

    I remember birds flying into my house as a kid. They always ended up hiding behind the TV, then after being discovered they’d wine and dine in a shoebox for about an hour.

    Then they’d disappear.

    Ok time to question the parents again. :ermm:

  2. Munther

    Look at the way he’s looking at you Mahmood ! You know that he’s the master of the house hold from now on ! 😉 You can’t refuse his demands with a look like this ! Can you ? :cwy:

  3. bahraini and PROUD

    HAHAHAHAHA a Bird ouh look a bird ok it is a bird hehehehe forgive for i have spent a long time out of Bahrain…(there’s no birds here) Ya3ni ma 3indohum Matatoo……i miss Bahrain…… :cwy: :cwy:

  4. Post

    Anon, I like that kind of water, thought I think it is rather expensive.

    nzm, no idea! just an assumption at the moment :tongue:

  5. Post

    Prison Break!

    Arif and Sucre

    We came home this afternoon and didn’t find Sucre in the pond! The bugger not only got out of the pond unaided (the water is at least 2 inches below the edge) but when we looked around the garden we found him on top of a biggish boulder! How he climbed up more than a foot to find this perch is anyone’s guess.

    This is turning out to be a really interesting and pet-centric weekend. Quite different!

  6. hashim

    Welcome Filbert Al-Yousif 😉 He is in a very good hands.. and mahmood, do post lots of pics. I hear that little parakeets need extra attention and care. What do you feed him?

  7. Post
  8. tooners

    now… isn’t this little Filbert the cutest thing ever!! If it’s a male, you can teach him to talk. Ours says things like “hey Oprah”, “good boy”, “pretty bird” and repeats the names of the cats sometimes.

    You are a good man for saving him…

    they love to tear things up, as you know from seeing the ones outside. We buy all sorts of wood goodies at The Pet Shop… and some of the stores from the States have the best bird supplies ever (PetCo, PetSmart and such).

    Good luck to your new addition. I know he’ll get lots of love.

  9. tooners

    btw, they love tomatoes, grapes, apples, lettuce, and bread. We give ours a huge assortment of food. Don’t feed anything that has a lot of acid, like oranges or lemons and such.

    The Pet Shop also has good food and many types to choose from.

  10. tooners

    you know Mahmood, I was just sitting here thinking …. the foods that I mentioned… don’t think you can feed those to a baby. We had a baby and fed him bread soaked in water and then our female, Oprah, tried to take him under her wing. We lost him….

    From what I hear from a friend, our vet knows birds… Jaffar Al Eskafi…. altho I’ve never spoken to him about such.

  11. Post

    He likes bananas! I’ve also got him a special baby mix from the market this morning from one of the breeders and he promises that it’s good stuff.

    I’m reading references on the net now and found out how to mix stuff and am now looking into better ways of feeding him.

    I mushed the bananas between my fingers earlier and he readily ate it; which leads me to believe that he is already weaned or almost there. That makes my task a lot simpler (I hope!)

  12. Barry

    Gosh, that bird is just too cute. What a nice thing of you to save it from those Mynahs. I wonder why they were going after it?

    I’ve seen crows attacking full grown hawks like that to drive them away, and also Brewer’s blackbirds doing the same to people going near their nests!

  13. Laurie

    Most of the birds in that family (crows, ravens, mynahs and blue jays) will hunt and eat small birds and mammals. Maybe it was supposed to be lunch.

  14. Bernie

    Now that sir is one cute critter. You do realise at this rate in another 12 months you could open your own zoo. 😆

  15. Al Ain Taxi

    Gorgeous! I’m looking forward to meeting him sometime. You’re the same as me, can’t bear to see animals suffering so you take them in.

    I’ve got a ‘zoo’ on that basis which I’m arranging to bring with me to Bahrain!

    He’s a real cutie and he’s got a real spark in his eye!

  16. Post

    More than welcome and both Filbert & I are looking forward to meet you and yours!

    Everything settled I hope?

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