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Vote for Bahrain!

Guys, there is a “spot poll” on ArabianBusiness.com which asks which is the best ME city to do business in; Bahrain is currently #2 at 27.9% after Dubai at 46.7%.

Could you please go there and vote (for Bahrain of course!)

Come on.. it’s a good gift for our lovely country on her Independence Day! Go on and do it!

update 16 Aug, ’07 – poll has closed now with Bahrain topping 60%, WE WON! Congrats Bahrain and thanks to everyone who voted for our fair isles.


530 galloping horses

Have a gander at these:

  • 0 – 100kph: 3.7 secs
  • 0 – 200kph: 11.2 secs
  • top speed: 329kph / 204mph
  • max power: 530bhp
  • max torque: [email protected] 2,200 – 4,500 rpm

Did you guess what it is yet? No? Okay then, have a gander at this:

The new Porsche 911 GT2

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new wet dream and it’s called the Porsche 911 GT2


It is “the exception to the rule,” they said. “The new 911 GT2 is the most powerful road-going 911 ever made. An impressive high-performance sportscar that commands respect.

It boasts a 3.6-litre flat-six boxer engine based on the current 911 Turbo. Special features include VarioCam Plus and twin turbochargers with Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) enabling a faster response at lower engine speeds. The efficiency of he turbocharging system has been further improved in the new 911 GT2. It generates 390kW (530 bhp) at 6,500 rpm.”

Want one? 😯

Porsche 911 GT2Porsche 911 GT2

911gt2-3.jpgPorsche 911 GT2


One Week of Good News

I hereby declare, that in response to eMoodz’s 85 nags about Bahrain and enTaiFah’s excellent opposing list, that I shall only publish Good News™ for 7 days starting immediately!

First bit of good news:

Jumaa Al-Dossary has been released from Guantanamo, picture credit Al-Wasat Newspaper

Our compatriot Juma’a Al-Dossary has been released from Guantanamo after being incarcerated there for five years without trial. An agreement has been reached between the US and both Saudi and Bahrain to release him with other Saudi detainees who have now been transferred to Saudi prisons. We hope that we will know the truth of Juma’a involvement in Afghanistan and hope too that he will receive a fair trial here, something that has been denied him by the “greatest democracy the world has known.”

I would like to thank everyone who worked hard at getting Juma’a released, particularly the BCHR and the various diplomats and lawyers who stood against this injustice.

The second piece of good news:

Premier received on return to country at the airport


Our PM is back home after receiving an award at the UN and now promises to redouble his determined effort at really developing the country – the whole country – and taking us to the next level.

Good, I hope he starts by stamping out corruption and make that a top priority.


DRINK! GIRLS! FECK! and a pet brick weekend

Father Jack loves his pet brick

Yes my friends, my weekend is ALL planned and it is going to be re-watching ALL the Father Ted episodes for the.. uh, I lost count.. anyway.. I will watch them all again!

So I give you the effervescent Father Jack with his pet brick.

and of course this classic line (of many):

Mrs Doyle: Now… (pouring Jack a cup of tea) … and what do you say to a cup?
Father Jack: Feck off, cup!

and the following Father Ted techno song 😆



The Birds

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It’s like 1963 all over again! Read this:

Hassan Isa Buhassan attacked by crows

A Bahraini man has been badly injured in an attack by crows, which swooped on him outside his home. Hassan Isa Buhasan, aged 30, was still being treated for a severe eye injury at the BDF Hospital yesterday.

He was leaving the family home in Sadad, Sitra [?], on Saturday morning, when three out of a flock of more than 30 crows swooped from the roof.
GDN – 10 July, ’07

The local affairs editor at Al-Wasat had a brainfart and thought that crows were Mynahs, and he even parenthesised the word to look smart!

Regardless, crows are a nuisance for sure and as they are not an indigenous bird, they can unbalance the nature of things in Bahrain. They are thought to be one of the causes for the plight of the local Bulbuls. The government has put a price on their heads; for every crow one kills, he receives a Dinar (I heard, I am not sure if this is still valid). We have them hanging around in the neighbourhood where they seem to especially like those tall communications towers and they do create such a racket.

I have observed that if even one descends into our garden, every other bird flies away, and I am almost convinced that it was one of those bastards that killed and eaten the Bulbul hatchling.

Even with that, I hesitate to accept that these birds would actively pursue an attack against a human. I wonder what actually transpired. In any case, I wish Hassan a speedy recovery.