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Perfect employees to Bahraini broadcasters

You know how it is always difficult to get good broadcast or studio engineers? Well, okay, you might not, but take my word for it. Anyway, I think both Bahrain TV and Orbit should knock on the public prosecutor’s doors offering him a new and novel way in correctional activities. Let them serve their sentence in their own studios rather than prison!

Apprehended studio technicians and their kits - Al-Wasat Newspaper

You see, someone ratted a couple of guys to the Ministry of Information – that bastion of copyright protection – telling the ministry that an illicit operation exists in Bahrain which deciphers satellite channels and retransmit them to customers in their neighbourhood for BD5 subscription a month. Their operation has become so successful apparently that they started similar operations in Hamad Town and Muharraq too.

Now look at the equipment in the picture; this is professional kit! TBCs, frame synchronisers, amplifiers, etc which don’t come cheap and are sophisticated. I very much doubt if Bahrain TV or Orbit can actually compete with this operation and the beautiful racks of equipment you see here.

So the Good News™ in this story is this: these guys get BD50 a month and they are running such a sophisticated operation from their apartment; therefore, Bahrain TV and Orbit can use them as consultants too to reduce their overheads appreciably in both staff and equipment while hopefully upping their game as far as programming in their bouquets with the tremendous amount of monies they will save by emulating them and following their advice.


Sawsan Al-Sha’er is a bulldog!

Journalist Sawsan Al-Shaer

Once she gets her teeth into something, it is virtually impossible to get her to let go.

And this is what we need in Bahrain. Someone with the balls to ask questions and ensures that the receiver does answer the question without trying to wriggle away from it, but if he or she does then trust Sawsan to put them in their right and proper place.

I just watched her episode tonight grilling the minister of (dis)information; but when he tried the “dis” bit, she was quick to bring him back to the point. Which unfortunately he continued to not answer. He might think that he’s being a “good politician” by doing that, my own estimate is that his standing in the public’s view is somewhat diminished now. He did not manage to answer a single question in a straightforward manner (come to think of it, I don’t remember him answering any question whatsoever since I started watching at 9.30pm!)

I love the closing question: “Do you feel that you have virtual immunity from being questioned in parliament due to the unstinting support you get from both the Minbar and Asala (Muslim brotherhood and the Salafis respectively)?

Alluding of course that almost all of his actions since he was put in charge of the ministry was religiously motivated, as in closing down facilities in hotels and destroying tourism and the like.

Needless to say, he did not grace us with an answer.

I do not normally watch TV, Bahrain TV specifically, but after watching this episode with Ms. Al-Sha’er, I’ll make sure that I do watch her program from now on.

Are there any others that are worth watching on the “Television for the Family” channel? I saw an ad for “Al-Meezan” in which parliamentary issues are discussed, is that worth watching?


Crazy Steve is dead!

Steve Irwin was killed on 4Sept06 by being stung by a ray through his heart in AustraliaI am shocked. It is unbelievable. That affable and completely crazy wildlife expert is dead! Crockhunter is dead! Steve was filming a huge ray around Australia when the thing turned on him and stung him with its barb straight through his heart.

I am very sorry for death and wish to extend my personal condolences to his family and friends. He was crazy as a moon bat but he certainly brought his love of nature into our living rooms and infected us with it too.

May he rest in peace now.