Crazy Steve is dead!

Steve Irwin was killed on 4Sept06 by being stung by a ray through his heart in AustraliaI am shocked. It is unbelievable. That affable and completely crazy wildlife expert is dead! Crockhunter is dead! Steve was filming a huge ray around Australia when the thing turned on him and stung him with its barb straight through his heart.

I am very sorry for death and wish to extend my personal condolences to his family and friends. He was crazy as a moon bat but he certainly brought his love of nature into our living rooms and infected us with it too.

May he rest in peace now.

  • Hisham
    4 September 2006

    Amen to that.

    It takes a great man to have the fondness and love Steve had for all animals, including vilified ones such as crocs.

    Steve: You will be missed. RIP.

  • Munther
    4 September 2006

    This is very sad ! I loved croc hunter and this came as a shock to me ! I will miss Steve. What is really strange is that fatalities caused by stingrays are so rare because this is just the second death in 20 years in Australia ! Steve was at the wrong place at the wrong time ! πŸ™
    Rest in peace Steve

  • billT
    4 September 2006

    Lucky man. At least he died doing what he loved to do.


  • M
    4 September 2006

    How sad for his family and all of us who appreciated him and his love of nature. He certainly lived life to the fullest, and that smile and engery will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family and all of Australia who have lost a precious son.

  • Ellee
    4 September 2006

    It seems Steve struck a chord all over the world. What a terrible way for a brave and adventurous man to die.

  • F
    5 September 2006

    Steve will be missed!

    May God grant him Heaven and may HE look over his family and all
    loved ones at all times.

  • Chimi^
    5 September 2006


    News of his death sprang all over the internet at around 8 AM today.

    R.I.P Steve.

  • Marihani
    5 September 2006

    Such a terrible loss to so many WAY too early! This man was so energetic and so heart-felt about what he did! He has educated and entertained MILLIONS, and it is a pity for us that he won’t be doing that any more.

    But more is the pity for his family, friends and collegues. His love, passion, energy and commitment will be sorely missed, especially by them.

    I look forward to seeing those he inspired continue his work.

    My deep felt condolances to Terri, Bindi and Bob and the rest of his loved ones.


  • Chimi^
    5 September 2006

    Some of you may say this is “too soon” and I agree.


    The internet parodies are rolling in like mad already.

    He’s an internet phenomenon now xD.

    Ex :

    The appearance of “stingray” smilies : ~{>:}

    etc etc.

    Also phrases like “Steve Irwin was made of WIN, just look at his name – I R WIN”.

    That’s what I call glory after death :P.

    Ah, how I love the internet…. (Permission to flame me granted.)

  • Jett
    5 September 2006

    May we all have a passion for something like Steve did. He might have been “crazy” or “nuts” or maybe a little of both..but his love of protecting endangered animals and for nature was something to be admired in my opinion.

  • LiB Team
    5 September 2006

    NOOOOOOOO The “Feisty” one is dead? Maskeen!

  • Gizmo
    5 September 2006

    He died doing what he loved, he followed his passion and died for it. He was one of my fav. tv entertainers of all time, may he rest in peace.


  • tooners
    5 September 2006

    Quite ironic the way he died!

    I loved this guy and was shocked to read the news yesterday.

    He will definitely be missed and may his soul rest in peace.

  • ^river^
    5 September 2006

    It is truly a loss for all of us, but he died doing what he loved and, more importantly, he lived his life doing what he loved! He truly has made an incredible contribution to wildlife everywhere.

    Rest in peace Steve and thanks for the laughs and the education.


  • Sami
    5 September 2006

    A man lived his life, should die the way he died. For me it would be strange if he died on his bed. heros die in the battles.. and adventurers finish their lives in the adventure fields..

    Rest in peace Steve

  • Ibn
    6 September 2006

    Noooo!! I loaded CNN this morning and I had to read the “breaking news” statement 3 times because I couldnt beleive it! πŸ™

    Oh, its so sad. He was part of our Planet’s culture really. I would watch animal planet whenever I had a chance to – and this is really so so sad.

    Steve is an example of a person that the entire world could love – irrespective of their cultures, or politics. We all found him funny, energetic, and he would take us on exploration expeditions covering dusty, giant mammalian beasts, to strange underwater alien creatures… πŸ™

    He was truly a world citizen.

    RIP Steve. RIP indeed.


  • Ali M.
    6 September 2006

    Sorry Mahmood but I have to correct you on this. Steve stepped on the stingray and that is when it felt threatened. There is film footage of course but it hasnt been released here in Australia. It shows how he pulls the barb out of his heart and some moments after that.

    So many deadly animals and one of the least deadly of the deadly bunch had to do it. He was filming a new show called Dangerous Creatures of the sea but at that time he was doing a segment for his daughter Bindi’s show.

    State Funeral has been planned. His body just reached his home town on the sunshine coast.

    I met the man a year ago and he was restless. He was bound by some work he had to do but he looked so upset because he could not stop and say hello to his fans.

    May he rest in peace.

  • sleepyinsaudi
    6 September 2006

    Everyone out there who loved Steve, his family was offered a state funeral, but his dad wants to decline , because he says his son would want to be remembered as a “regular bloke.” His dad says that he has lost his “best mate”.
    Steve was an over the top wonderful guy, and my heart breaks for his family.
    He was one of the lucky ones who do what they truly love and believe in for a living.
    This is not a time to be judgemental ,like some of the awful comments I’ve seen on the web.
    God bless his soul.

  • Fatima
    8 September 2006

    God rest his soul, and I prayer for his family in this difficult time.

    Steve, reached out to people across all continents, races, religions, ages, languages etc and made us aware of animals and conservation in a time were urbanization and development has made us loose touch with mother nature….
    His show was special because it broke barriers and connected everyone because he was not lead politically or financially ( although it was globally televised!!)… but he was really motivated to spread his belief in teaching us about animals and making us aware of the devastation we are causing to their environment…. oh i’m gona miss him along with millions of devoted fans.

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