Happy Easter!

8 Apr, '07

Saudi Sand Storm

Sorry for the late greeting, just back from Riyadh where I was all day for a business meeting. Came back through a set of weird weather: a huge sand-storm for about 100kms from Riyadh mixed in some parts with rain! Then a lull of a couple and then into a thunder storm galore for the rest of the way to Bahrain.

Quite an interesting drive.. people did slow down a bit; they were going a little less than the speed of sound!

Anyway, happy bunny day. Leave some chocolate for another time, don’t consume everything at once!

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  1. Amjad says:

    Welcome back man 🙂

    When I didn’t find an update on your blog this afternoon I was kind of surprised. I mean, I’m not used to checking your blog someday and don’t find an update. So checked it now and found out that you were in Riyadh for a business meeting. Welcome back once again. Hope you had a safe journey and a successful meeting.

  2. lebinbah says:

    The weather was kind of weird today i have to agree … i wish i had my camera with me though tonight because there were alot of lightning bolts in the sky .. it was nice !!

  3. Barry says:

    It was a sunny, pleasant day here in my corner of California for Easter (Today is the day for wishing it is a happy day 🙂 ). I spent some time in the garden pulling weeds, and cutting some of the branches off of my ceanothus (to keep them from turning into sails so they don’t snap or blow over).

  4. Laurie says:

    Odd weather here, too. This was the coldest Easter in 30 years (at least that’s what the weather report said), and snow is predicted for later this week. Keep posting flower and garden pictures; there aren’t many here right now.

    Three crocuses were blooming today. The flowers are only two inches high, but it shows that spring will be here, eventually.

  5. Welcome back Blog-father,

    I remember well the sand storms you are speaking of. I was posted in Qatar in 2005; during the weekends on my return drive back to Bahrain, I experience the Storms on numerous occasions and the grunt of their impact was felt by my car (a 2004 Mitsubishi Colt, Heh hehe). The word ‘Samkara’ (sand blasting) comes to mind. The liquid LUX (soap) I poured onto the front of my car did not help much.

    You must at least agree with me that, though they are very dangerious, the Sand Storms are spectacular events, nature at it best.

  6. mahmood says:

    Yes I fully agree. The word “awesome” really comes to mind, especially after you see – right there in front of you – the tops of the sand dunes actually move!

    I’ve taken a couple of pictures on the phone which might show a little of what was experienced, but that is just a snapshot unfortunately, it doesn’t show the feeling of the storm, or the dust particles floating in the cabin, or the spicy smells or the fear you experience.

    I’ll post the picture when I get a chance this morning.

    As to flowers, I notice today that one Larkspur has actually flowered! That patch is promising to be a columnar floral display… the next Friday picture should be quite interesting!

  7. wassap bu rakan,

    tonight at 10 kuwait time they will show our episode of dewanyat el esbooo3 on kuwait tv


  8. mahmood says:


    Thanks for the heads up, and I’m sorry I didn’t return your call the other night. Much apologies man. Then got to the office the next morning and was swamped.

  9. Mahmood,

    I remember the last time I was caught in a sand Storm, visibility was so bad that you could not see beyond one meter. I’ll be looking for the pictures I took with my mobile when I get home today.

    thanks for the reminder.

  10. @ Barry / 3:

    Are you sure it’s today? Here we all wished happy easter on saturday… o.k., saturday evening… But we really had the same day, just a “few” miles away…

  11. Barry says:


    Sure, at least in the Catholic Church, Easter always falls on Sunday. Friday is Good Friday, Saturday is Holy Saturday or Easter Eve, and Sunday is Easter Sunday. After dusk on Saturday, Easter Vigil is celebrated.

  12. Barry says:

    You know what Simon, I just realized something. Mahmood would’ve wished it in Saturday since where he is, it IS Sunday. Take a look at the time stamp:

    Happy Easter!
    8th April ’07 at 22:21

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