Al-Sultana Machboos TVC

This is the first, and in my opinion one of the most irritating television commercials around. I think it started airing about the 1st of May, 2003 and continues to be broadcast on the Showtime channels.

It’s a commercial for "machboos mix", one of the local Gulf most famous dishes. It depects the "old" way of cooking machboos and the "new" way using a jarred source made by Al-Sultana. I’ve not ever had their mixes, and it doesn’t look that I ever will judging by the stupidity and non-creativity of their ad. At the very least get representative women, rather than the uglies we have here! Both women here are not even Gulf nationals! They’re accent (obviously dubbed very badly) is supposed to be west coast Saudi (Jeddah), but give me a break!

There are better ways of advertising food products than this. But with all this, don’t let me influence your vote, so please vote 1 to 5 stars, 5 being the worst.

  • anonymous
    9 October 2003

    Al-Sultana Machboos TVC

    Great ad, I like it.

  • anonymous
    16 February 2005

    Al-Sultana Machboos TVC


    i think you were a bit hard on them it might be a bad ad. i can not really remember it but their first one was good, wel it made me look for the product .the product is good i have tried it but it has been out of the market for some time i think as a result of your review

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