Nasser Jr. comes to our home

Nasser Jr.'s first visit to our home

nasser jr. comes to our home, originally uploaded by malyousif.

A chance visit, I was just turning into our driveway about half an hour ago when Abeer – his mother – called to say that she’s dropping off her laptop so I can do a little magic with it (in prep for her going back to Sharjah, where they live)… so did you expect me to provide this service for free?

Of course not! Hence Nasser Jr.’s first visit to our home!

  • M
    6 September 2006

    What a handsome young man. I meant the baby of course. Wish mine were that age again. Kisses and hugs to Nasser.

  • Silver Girl
    6 September 2006


    But how come you are the focal point of the photo in lieu of little Nasser!!!

    Yetraba fe 3ezkom 😉

  • mahmood
    6 September 2006

    blame Arif, he took the picture (which I rather like actually!)

  • tooners
    6 September 2006

    how sweet! such a cute one there! the baby 😉

  • na9rawi
    6 September 2006

    mashallah mashallah…

    babies are great. ive recently being playing a lot with samouri, my girlfriend’s 1 1/2 yr. old nephew… watch for him – i think he’s aiming to getting into acting soon.

  • Hisham
    6 September 2006

    Mashallah 🙂

    May he grow to rule the land one day (it’s an old Bahraini saying, I’m not trying to be political, just errm, cultured) 😉

  • sleepyinsaudi
    6 September 2006

    Soooo cuuuute, the baby I mean. My baby just turned 7. Oh, and she’s so big and independent. Enjoy the salad days of infanthood!

  • mahmood
    6 September 2006

    now you’re all making me jealous of my own nephew… why do you have to qualify it’s only HIM when you say soppy things like “cuuute”?


  • Anonymous
    6 September 2006



  • F
    6 September 2006

    Mashallah…May your house always be blessed!

  • Khawaja
    7 September 2006

    100000 Mabroooooooooooook 🙂 so lovely … mashallah

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