Yep, it’s official, free publicity about to start! Mahmood’s Den blocking order

Mahmood’s Den blocking order signed by the Minister of disInformation

Did I mention that these lists of “undesirable” sites are compiled most probably by our illustrious Jamal Dawood, the guy implicated in the bandargate scandal for accepting a kickback of BD2,200. Yes I know he’s cheap, and he’s still running for parliament! The guy has no shame whatsoever!

Ah, how wonderful…


  1. Anon Counsel

    For those of us who forgot/can’t find the way to unblock sites, can you or someone else please remind us.


  2. Chimi^

    @ AC :

    If you’re using FireFox :

    Download TOR.


    Run tor.exe.

    Download the firefox plugin named FoxyProxy.

    Once you install it – you’l see it in the lower right corner of firefox – right click on it – click on Tor and select use proxy “TOR” for all URLs.

    There you go.

  3. Yousif

    OMG they issued the order. It’s not like we didn’t expect it to happen. We joked about it many times and here it is for real!

    I think you should go ballistic on them. Write to newspapers. Expose the issue. You seem to have some influence in the local press.

    I blame what you called “the brain farts” at the previous parliament with that disgraceful anti-free speech law they signed.

    I really hope this is not the end for though. You know about the tools you’ve been advertising every now and then. Use them to post here and we’ll use them too to read your blog. Alternatively; you can access your blog direct via the IP Address even if it’s blocked (Batelco is using a stupid Squid ACL )

    Sincere best wishes 🙁

  4. Abeer

    الله يحفظك يا بوعارف

  5. Butterfly

    I can’t believe this is happening in Bahrain and NOW!!

    Its not enough to mention that the website is to be blocked because it published unauthorised news/articles or against the law. Let them mention what are these?

    It’s a real shame. Well, I think the matter shall be raised to higher authority … we are a country and one man show is not accepted here.

  6. Esra'a

    Mahmood, I just e-mailed Jesse Sage from HAMSA. He will direct people’s attention to this through, and a petition will hopefully be started in a timely manner.

    I will also create buttons for people to put on their blogs in order to increase awareness about this.

    I sent a forward to other Middle Eastern bloggers and asked them to dedicate an entry to the recent blocking of this blog.

  7. zodiac

    what shame …

    ou country is filling with shameful deeds ..

    what a shame ..

    do u think it’ll be in the newspaper ??

    should it read like this ..

    the pioneer who was initiating the anti sectarian move is finally under the strong arm of the law..

    what a shame..

    sorry for u .. bro

  8. BuZain

    I just visited the other 6 sites and I cannot find the connection between yours and the them Did I miss something?

  9. moodZ

    I just can not believe this!

    Now what? Are there any news of weather or not you will be charged with anything?

    We need to do something, the whole world should know about this nonesense.. keep us updated

  10. Ali Al Saeed

    ok… so is this some sort of prank?! can’t be real, can it?! tut tut tut :no:

  11. Suad

    I do agree with BuZain.
    ماهو وجه الشبه بين موقعك وموافع مشبوهه تدعو الى الالحاد؟؟
    بصراحة الموضوع مضحك بالفعل .. فجأة أصبحت من زمرة الملحدين .. الخارجين عن القانون والدين

    يبدو ان حجب المواقع اصبحت هواية استساغتها وزارة الاعلام!!

    كم بقى من الزمن للعد التنازلي قبل ان تختفى هذه الصفحة .. ابدأوا العد من الآن

  12. chan'ad

    Many congratulations to you on this achievement Mahmood!

    It’s time to look higher than the honorable Jamal Dawood methinks.

    -best regards

  13. Suad

    I have already spreaded the news to the newspaper I have contact with.

    Lets wait and see what happen tomorrow.

  14. bint battuta

    Awful news. And it’s a totally bizarre range of sites to block – even if they claim these sites are publishing unauthorised/’dangerous’ information, I’m not quite sure what their thinking is… But then I suppose brains don’t really come into it.

  15. Hisham

    I wonder if the good Dr. who signed that order actually peruses I can just imagine what his PhD thesis was about: censorship and state-sponsored spanking.

  16. Anonymous

    Sad day indeed to block MTV.
    An easier way through is to use TORPARK.
    May you be safe Mahmood. MR.

  17. Suad

    A source from Alwasat newspaper confirmed that they will write about this tomorrow along with an interview with Mahmood.

    We can all support this by a letter signed by all of us.

    You never know who will be the next victim.

  18. B

    Its obviously because of the raucus you helped raise over Bandargate.

    I urge you that if they try to negotiate your silence over Bandargate for unblocking this site that you refuse.

    It is sickening that those incriminated in the report still have a freehand to spread their disease over the country. Do not let this site be a bargaining chip in their cheap antics to subdue the Bahraini masses.

    I fear that with time we will forget Bandargate like we have forgotton torturers the likes of Adil Flaiful who have gotten away with crimes against humanity and walk around impune and stronger than ever.

    No justice will be done until all those in the report are held to account.

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  20. moonshallow

    To sum it up in one word “DISGUSTING”.Makes me wonder tommorrow there might be another order from the bunch of jokers to stop the newspapers! Mahmood ! from what I have learned and read you are a fighter so prove it to these wannabes.You have got a batallion behind you! Just go for it.We will continue reading you BLOGFATHER!


  21. Costa-guy

    Hey.. I guess MOI really reads what You & Us write in the blog.. that’s a good thing..


    It’s not the end, AbdulGhaffar has just signed his resignation letter as I know that this block thing will be spread around in Bahrain and it will make a fuss about the restrictions made on the freedom of speech in Bahrain and I know that heads will roll soon the same way the Ministery of Interior was dissolved due to a foolish act.

    By the way, I am muslim and I used to enter for educational purposes.

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  24. jasra jedi


    Too many people are going to be making too much noise for this to stand for too long .. you’d be surprised at how much people use your blog to find out whats happening …

    Hang in there.. you are going to have your 15 minutes of fame .. I have every faith that you are going to make every single one of them count!

  25. amal

    Don’t they know, that no matter what they do, we are a very passionate nation and shall always find ways to protect our freedom of expression and knowledge, can’t they see it by now..?

    You just don’t do this! Not to the people in Bahrain, not with such advanced technology available..! It’s just so funny, this isn’t Nineteen Eighty Four!


  26. jayjerome

    Mahmood —

    I hope you can keep your great blog online. I’ll pass the word about the censorship of your site to other sites I post at, and will be happy to sign any online petitions that are organized on your behalf.

    Taking the advice above, I’ve installed “Tor” and look foward to being able to contine to read your blog without interruption.

    Best regards,

    Jay Jerome

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  28. M


    If the goons have any brains, they will cease all of this foolishnes immediately. There is no way this site is a danger to anyone. It is instead the best advertisement Bahrain could ever have about it’s people, their heart and their vision. Your intent and love for Bahrain has always shown through in your posts; those in power should count themselves fortunate to have one such as you on the world stage.

    Thank you, Mahmood; we shall be watching. To all others please continue your support of Mahmood and don’t forget things like Human Rights Watch, newspaper outlets across the world, like wise blogs and even the UN. Maybe they will take back that seast on the human rights committee Bahrain just got.

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  30. faceless

    but .. but .. how?? but .. ur the godfather .. they can’t do this.. not to the godfather!!! not you!!! .. how can we stop it??

  31. Anonymous

    Congratulation Mohmood! If I am not mistaken this is part of the implementation of the “empowerment or advancement” concept discredited in the Bandergate. And if may say a response to your heartfelt and sincere “Just Bahrain” campaign. Again Congratulation for this achievement and should wear it as a badge of honor. =D

  32. iDip

    I’m not reading this, I didn’t comment on your blog nor payed a single visit to it, I didn’t even hear of Mahmood’s Den… I don’t want to trouble the brotherly relations between Bahrain & Kuwait.

    Long live whoever wants to!


    I can’t beleive it, I don’t know what to say!
    BLOCKED… hell!! why don’t they “block” those names in Bandergate. Shame on them!

    Dear Mahomoud,
    Mabrook 😉
    seriously, they’re harming themselves while trying to protect “THE LAW”… baah
    والمثل يقول: الشمس ما يغطيها منخل

  33. Anonymous

    hehehe, The stupid person who coz this action would create more fame, visitors And more Stronger word to Mahmood once they block it. hehehe they already did.

    And when the Marketing Campaign is over, they would unblock it back. Stupids.

    Mahmood, I don’t need to say “we support you”. You already know that most people would.


  34. JK

    hehehe, The stupid person who coz this action would create more fame, visitors And more Stronger word to Mahmood once they block it. hehehe they already did.

    And when the Marketing Campaign is over, they would unblock it back. Stupids.

    Mahmood, I don’t need to say “we support you”. You already know that most people would.


  35. Ibn


    This is sad, sad news indeed… the only good thing out of this is that we can bear witness to the usurption of freedom of speech in the making. Part of history I guess, and here we are. What, if anything, can we do to help, Mahmood? …

    This is just too, sickening and sad … when will they understand… when will they understand that you cannot and should not silence another human being! That people of Bahrain are not members of a tribe to be silenced, but are citizens of an aspiring nation who have THE RIGHT to speak! When? This is the 21st century! In another 50 years or so, humanity would have expanded on towards Mars, and here we are still fighting for our right to say whats on our minds?!

    …I cant find the “angry” emoticon..I am beside myself Mahmood..

    ..Anyway to help, let us know Mahmood. Anyway at all.


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  37. ella

    Hi Mahmood

    I do read sometimes your blog, it is informative and it shows the reality of Bahrain, warts and all. Every country have a good things and the bad things. You show both and you want to correct the bad so that your country would be better.
    The people who think that blocking your site will be a good propaganda are in error. On the contrary, the people from outside will suspect that dark and awful things are happening in Bahrain.
    If authorities in Bahrain have any brains they should rescind that order.
    Good luck and if we can help just say a word.

  38. chrisamillion

    It’s interesting that a few weeks ago you were speaking to the Crown Prince (which probably trumps minister) and he was supportive of your efforts RE the just Bahrain campaign and other things.


  39. BinShehab

    I am in a shocked with this news, and it’s unbelievable, I was hopping that we will have a very good converge on the election which is on the way to show the world how we in Bahrain is so advanced in democracy and the region leader that every noubgehring country is watching.
    I am speech less and I hope this is only a mistake and should be rectify very soon.
    Yes we ware joking about this all the time but didn’t expect such an action from MOI undersecretary who is electing him self for an MP post in the coming elections as the voice of the people to interface with the government and get there demands to improve there life’s, but I guess he is getting it very personally and he is doing this as his last thing to do to revenge from an admiral guy like Mahmood.
    I think it will be a very busy month for all of us.

  40. EXzombie

    dear Mahmood,

    I want to say to you how proud I am of what you achieved in your struggle against the fasad in our beloved Bahrain…..!!!

    I support you all the way, and believe me, they made a huge mistake……!!!

  41. Will

    “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.”
    — Harry S. Truman

    Fight them as if your children’s freedom depended on it.

  42. shlemazl

    These imbeciles obviously feel threatened. Any regime that needs a “ministry of information” is bankrupt.

    Good luck!

  43. Post

    Thank you all so very much for your support my friends. I need that at this time, and more importantly, my country needs you and everyone else to show those in power that their power is not limitless, and that an awake and cognizant population cannot and will not stand idly by while they exhume their draconian laws to repress the freedom of speech.

    I need your help my friends, please spread the word as much as possible.

    Thank you.
    I am truly humbled.

  44. Ibn


    What are the phone/fax numbers of Bahrain’s Ministry of information in Bahrain? Where can those numbers be located?

    Here is Bahrain’s Embassy to the United States information:

    The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain
    3502 International Drive N.W.
    Washington, DC 20008
    Phone: (202) 342-1111
    Fax: (202) 362-2192

    One idea I have is to print that edict they sent you, and then fax that over to them alongside a rant on how draconian they have become. Fax over and ove and over….


  45. David Bailey

    You are still online and I am going to be using this example in my IT classes today. There is a chapter in our textbook about freedom of speech in Cyberspace. Keep going and don’t let these reactionary jerks win.

  46. anonymous


    Continue to update your blog, and email all of us what you’re writing…. they can’t silence people. we will find ways to get the information.

    the ministry of information doesnt have a clue

    what kind of democracy is this???

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  48. tommy

    I rarely agree with your opinions. I’m a conservative American who is very skeptical about Islam. Nevertheless, I support your right to speak freely about any topic, Mahmoud. I wish you the best of luck in your fight against the censorship of the authorities. Is there anyone we can email or write to assist you?

  49. TweeZ

    I hope this makes the UNDP’s 2006 Arab Human Development Report. What a classic step backwards from freedom in the Arab world. What a shame!

  50. Zvi

    I don’t agree with some of the things I’ve seen in your blog, but this still isn’t right.

    Best wishes.

  51. alfanan


    Do these ppl think they can seriously do this without any consequences? This just goes to show the kind of idiots that we have in control of this!

    Congrats on the free publicity Mahmood 😉

  52. tooners

    glad to see you back up and running. tried getting in last night and couldn’t, even w/ the TOR.

    i was seriously going in and out of shock and withdrawals lastnight…. so it’s really good to see things are back to normal! 😉

  53. Post

    Ah, the price of fame is not too cheap! After tripling he hits due to the announcement, I have had to upgrade the server once again! I gave the order to the host company to upgrade the memory to 2GB to give the database a bit more room to breathe, once that was done of course the site became a lot more stable.

    That was the technical part.

    The blocking part I suspect will happen sometime today, as the order you see above was sent around 4pm from the minister’s office to BIX (Bahrain Internet Exchange) through which all traffic goes, but as that office was closed, no action was taken. Now that they are back in the office, I suspect that they will enact that order… unless they receive another one to just throw it in the bucket, which is what they should do.

    We’ll wait and see.

  54. Richy

    Well, the still do not understand that today, in the electronic age, censorship produces exactly the negative effect that the gov wants to avoid. In North Korea where no-one has access to the media I would understand, but nowadays and here… ridiculous

  55. jared in NYC

    FWIW Mahmood, I’m writing an editorial to the New York Times. If it gets published, maybe that will raise the profile a bit. You’re an icon my friend.


  56. anonymous

    what’s your IP address number? so that we can find this somehow.

    I think the NYTimes will publish it!

  57. ASKAD

    And they say we have democracy, what a big pack of Bull.
    These stupid bastards should be ashamed, they think people are stupid like them. Keep it on Mahmood, the truth can’t hide behind the sun for long.

  58. Post

    The blockage is now officially on, and this is the first comment I post BEYOND the block and in spite of it.

    Both this site, and the Arabic one are both 403ed as of a few moments ago.

    I’m a cyber dissident! Can you believe this?

    What … utter …. morons.

  59. madtom

    Your still coming in 4×4 in Miami.

    I’m a cyber dissident! Can you believe this?

    Right there with you .

  60. Post

    Ali, I must have taken the red pill this morning, and it is freaky! 8)

    I shall henceforth call myself Morpheus.

  61. AndyV

    heh, I’m not sure what their ‘blocking’ means but i can read this site in the UK loud and clear :yes:

  62. Post

    They’re not concerned with the outside world at all Andy, nor do they give a damn about it. If they did, they would have at least honoured the agreements they signed internationally, or at least listened to reason.

    Hence, they think that by limiting information access WITHIN Bahrain will save them.

  63. AndyV

    Ah, o’kay.. so it’s a ‘localized’ version of blocking – now I understand.. you know what.. same thing was happening in the USSR 30+ years ago though, the authorities were actively blocking VOA (voice of america) BBC and other such radio broadcasts aimed at the population, you know what happened next 🙂

  64. Lujayn

    Ok, so I would understand the Ministry of Disinformation blocking your site, but Its a business news portal, to the best of my knowledge. Hang in there, Mahmood, seems you’re up against a very dimwitted bunch. Stay safe, stay strong!

  65. Joop

    This is indeed a sad day for Bahrain: freedom of expression is a basic right, not a privilege which can be withdrawn at any moment on the whims of an official.
    Power corrupts and the only way to control it is to expose the truth.
    By blocking this and other sites the government has shown his hand: they are afraid of the free flow of ideas and information.
    Bon Courage!


    Quis custodiet custodes ipsos?

  66. Post
  67. sillybahrainigirl

    My deepest condolences to Bahrain. We certainly are sinking deeper in the cess pit. Chin up Mahmood. You know we ARE WITH YOU. Please, please, please.. make LOTS OF NOISE!

  68. Post

    Rest assured that I shall!

    Just finished a couple of press interviews (international) and they should appear tomorrow. Will post them when they do.

  69. sami

    Welcome to real [Arab] world Mahmood 😉 join the club. Being censored in Tunisia since 2003, I know what it feels like.

    With all my support

  70. Anonymous

    As ugly as this is, it might end the blocking strategy of Abdul Ghafaar. I’m optimistic. They better unblock MTV soon!

    It’s different this time because Mahmood is the top Bahraini “blogger”..
    We are all willing to back you up.

    Inshalla soon you’ll frame this blocking order and hang it proudly because it proves nothing but Mahmood’s liberal thoughts that enlighten many others.

    Ya36eeek el 3afya =) A hero ‘3a9bn 3n anfhom!

  71. Hamdaw

    well,Bahrain at least is way better than Saudi Arabia,they will not only block your site,but they will block your butthole here 😐

    just wondering Mahmood if you write in Bahrani newspapers or not.
    They blocked a window,but they cant engulf your world 🙂

  72. Chimi

    woot woot for tor.

    Was wondering why your site was down the whole time even w/ tor.

    Negative publicity is still publicity eh? ;).

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  74. Tantor

    DIB: “Our wonderful petro-dollars at work. You do know that the USS Eisenhower has been deployed to protect (ultimately) shenanigans like this?…”

    I may want to confirm this with Rummy the next time we have lunch but I feel confident that I can say that the USS Eisenhower and its associated battle group has not been dispatched by America to the Gulf to shut down Mahmood’s Den.

    Trust Me On This,


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