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iwantmymtv.org website launched!

A couple of Bahrainis who too are disgusted with the arbitrary censorship have launched a new site in response to the blocking of Mahmood’s Den by the Ministry of disInformation! Thanks very much for your support guys. The website redirects to Bahrain Uncensored whose mission is:

This web initiative was triggered by the recent blocking of Mahmood’s Den, the famous Bahrain-based blog. Bahrain Uncensored is our way of working towards a democratic Bahrain, where human rights are valued and ensured. This website is further proof of the fact that the Bahraini nation is well aware of the unnecessary actions taken by the Ministry of Information and refuse to be silenced. We will not give up, nor will we ever feign disinterest in the political culture of this country merely because it’s “risky” to do so. We want, need, and expect our rights to be respected by a government that claims to value them. We want proof, through actions and not just words, that this country is heading towards a democracy.
read full mission statement

Bahrain is in really good shape when its citizens care about issues like this, and more importantly refuse to just lie down and take whatever the authorities foist on them.

And the guys have organised a petition to unblock the site too! Read more about it here and if you would consider signing it when it is published, I would be thankful.

I am indebted to you for this effort and thank you with all my heart for this noble gesture.


  1. Esra'a

    No problem Mahmood, we are still developing the site and will forward the necessary information in order for the rest of the bloggers to write about it. We hope for it to be fully completed by Wednesday at the latest.

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