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Mtv's visitors age group poll

Thank you all for taking part in this poll, it is truly an eye-opener – if indeed the answers given are genuine.

I honestly thought the most of my guests would be from my same age group, those between 36 – 50 so I was surprised to find that “we” only constitute 19% of the total! The majority are younger, fully 50% 60% of you are between 18 – 35 years old and 62% 72% are below 36!

Wow. This is really interesting.

Although the results will not change my style or writing, maybe I should think of writing more posts targeted at the younger audience too? Or even have guest writers specifically for those age groups?

I hope you all find the things that interest you most. But to those of you who are interested only in certain topics I engage in, you could easily just pull the RSS feeds for those topics alone and ignore the rest. For example if you are only interested in my political posts, you might want to subscribe to the politics feed, those who are interested in my gardening posts would subscribe to this; while those interested only in photography would pull this feed. You could subscribe to any topic you like, just find out its number (get properties or get info on the topic by right clicking on it – you can find the topics listed in every post under the title) and then just add &feed=rss2. Let me know if you need any more help with this.

I’m also going to start using the tags more religiously now as I feel that they are actually more flexible than categories. You can get rss feeds off those too and I’ll explain the whole process more fully in the Help section and will let you know when it is completed.

It would be interesting to hear how you interpret the results and maybe you would also be good enough to share your thoughts on what you would like to see on the Den?


  1. Darth

    Dude just because we are in our twenties, doesn’t mean we want you to write about our AGE Group, please don’t bring in Guest writers, and please don’t change your style… Just continue doing what your doing…. Just think of yourself as Baba Mahmood!

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  3. Aisha

    I agree with Darth.. We just love it the way it is.. Your blog is one of the best sources for Bahraini political updates that are even more interesting when you spice them up with your comments..

  4. Post

    yeah fair enough.. I must be doing something right for all this so I’m not going to change the format, but at the same time I will not shut the door on trying other things which we might enjoy, but will be aware enough to throw it out if you shout loud enough… and knowing you my friends, you do have strong lungs!

    happy celebrations my friends.

  5. billT

    As a member of the 8% group I agree with the youngns. Its also nice to see a respected elder trying new tricks.

  6. chrisamillion

    It’s important to try new things. You have a format which works, but there is always room for improvment and development, nothing is ever perfect.

    Having said that, I’m not really sure what to suggest to in order to enhance this site! Using I have come up with the following new taglines for the Den (these are the first five which came up)

    1. «Mahmood’s Den – You see this name, you think dirty.»

    2. «Mahmood’s Den. See more. Do more.»

    3. «Be alive with Mahmood’s Den.»

    4. «Think different, think Mahmood’s Den.»

    5. «Firstclass Mahmood’s Den!»

    (well 2-5 aren’t too bad!)

  7. Anonymous

    Hello Mahmood. I see that you were surprised by the poll’s results. You will even be more shocked when you notice that your math is incorrect. It is 60% (not 50%) of your guests age between 18-35 and 72% (not 62%) are below the age of 36.

  8. tctoguy

    My Dear Mahmood,
    You ARE doing something are helping us by being the (rational and sensible) voice of Bahrain.
    You not only enlighten and entertain us with your thoughts, observations and missives, in a way, like it or not, you also represent us.
    Well, you represent our feelings and opinions.
    And you do it very, very well.
    And we appreciate it and you.

    Like you said,,,if we didn’t like it, we ,your loyal friends and following, would definitely say something, because we know you would listen and respond.

    Happy Eid, Merry Christmas, and a joyous and prosperus New Year.

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  10. Anonymous

    u c mahmood, u r influencing a youger generation. Be wise with your comments!!

  11. Citizen Quasar

    The people that read and respond to this blog do so because they like the articles and the “spin” you put on things. I am in the 36-50 19% category and I think you do just fine.

    Try new things? I thought you already do this from time to time. Your blog has quite a bit of diversity and variation in its presentation.

  12. Bandargate

    I honestly thought the most of my guests would be from my same age group, those between 36 – 50 so I was surprised to find that “we” only constitute 19% of the total!

    There should be no surprise Mahmood! Your results are inline with what’s common worldwide about the users of the internet. It’s well known that most users of the internet are from the younger generations. This is even more clear in 3rd world countries like Bahrain. What I want to emphasize is that you’re not actually attracting younger ones more than the older ones. However, the majority of internet users in Bahrain are of the younger generation. Also, young groups are known to be more active (spend more hours surfing) and interactive (like to participate in forums and blogs like yours. )
    As the usage of internet in Bahrain and the region evolves, I expect that these percentages to change a bit, but the majority will always be from the younger generations, as they will always remain the more active and interactive!

  13. Ibn

    Hmm, mustve done something wrong: repost:


    72% are less than 36 – you cant deny it Mahmood – you are a baba! 😀 But of course, thats no way for me to talk to my elders! hahaha! 😀


  14. can we talk

    if i may interject a comment here that I could find no obvious logical reason why the classes you chose were unequal.
    Although the results will still show that the young ‘uns outnumber the grandaddies, it would give a better statistical picture if the classes were actually equal (ie. 18-29, 30-41, 42-53 and 54-65)

    i know, ignore mode on, i know..
    (smilie and winkie faces, my buttons aren’t working!)

  15. Don Cox

    “it would give a better statistical picture if the classes were actually equal (ie. 18-29, 30-41, 42-53 and 54-65)”

    But then, should they also be adjusted to allow for the different proportions in the population? In some countries there is a majority of under-20s. Others such as Japan have more older people.

    If these figures tell us anything, it is that this blog is not interesting enough for the over-65s. There are many millions of these out there who are not reading Mahmoood. Could it be that he is too young to be taken seriously? ;-))

  16. Bernie

    It’s a tad depressing to be in the 8% group but I’ll get over it. 😀
    Don’t change your format, it’s great the way it is and your writing style is great.

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