Math skills are good to have

For instance, when someone tells you that Bahrain will receive a “flood of 100,000 fans” for the forthcoming F1 (people, not those devices which circulate the air), and you know that the maximum capacity of that venue is 45,000 that means that either someone seriously miscalculated the popularity of that sport and undervalued the capacity of the BIC, or a GDN reporter added a zero inadvertently to that figure quoted in that article, or it could also be that someone is trying to pull our legs and enthuse us, marketing wise, about the event. They might as well pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

No matter, I hope that the F1 will be an unmitigated success.

And hope that brainfarts like these won’t affect the attendance. Oh hang on a minute! Maybe without that brainfart the flood would have increased to 176,000?!


  1. Ali

    I do agree with you, Howver, if you look at it in different view, you can say that the event is 3 days ,,if we say 45000 in a day * 3 days it would reach 135,000 ,,I think the Newspaper missed the 35,000 😛 so it is miscalculation again :p

  2. Eyad the Great

    Being a big fan of F1 and motor sports I really hope it goes will this year, seems like attendance will be better as well.

    what I’m really worried about is the riots, lets just hope no monkey business happens and opens the gates for negative media to hammer us and diverts the fans to neighboring countries (hint hint).

  3. CerebralWaste

    Actually Mahmood I can see these numbers as being fairly accurate. Consider this. A family of 5 come to Bahrain for the race. This family consists a husband, wife and 3 kids. (2 daughters and a teenage son).Thoss in a nanny for good measure as well.

    Well the wife daughters and maid don’t want to go to the race or perhaps just the Husband, Wife and teenage son do. So the maid stays with the daughters and go shopping or hang around the pool at the hotel. So 6 people come to Bahrain but only 3 attend. If this scenario is played out often that 100,000 number isn’t far off for a TOTAL number of people coming to Bahrain during the race.

  4. Post
  5. Ali

    Yes Mark, & from where they got the stats that people will bring their house maids ? 😀

  6. CerebralWaste


    You are correct. People probably won’t bring their house maids. They will bring their NANNY’s though to care for their little rugrats! :whistle:

  7. milter

    ….. and maybe this all goes to show that it’s a good idea to first agree about how a certain figure is arrived at and what conclusions to come to because of it.


    I’ve seen 100-year old figures predicting that the capitol of my country, Copenhagen, would be impossible to live in if it developed at the same rate as previously.

    If the number of droppings from horses, (aka “horseshits”) continued to rise at the same rate the stench would be so unbearable that no sane person would accept to live under those conditions.

  8. emi

    😳 pleeeese if any body know where to teach chinese math in bahrain وين يدرسونة يساعدني والف شكرا لة

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