Bahrain 2030, according to SOM

Khalid Muharraqi continues to create breathtaking images in digital media; one of his recent forays is the creation of a series of conceptual images for Skidmore, Owing and Merril of what Bahrain could look like in 2030, just 23 years from now.

Bahrain 2030 Master Plan by SOM

Click on both links provided above to view the raw images in the first, and the finished in the second.

I just hope that they will fix the transport infrastructure (oh, and electricity and water and sewage and emergency services, etc) by then so that we can truly enjoy the future.

And if you have any money lying around that you don’t immediately need, buy property. Land will be more valuable than gold pretty soon.

  • Ammar
    28 June 2007

    And the roads are still the same width? There’s typical Bahrain road planning for you.

  • Simon Columbus
    28 June 2007

    If the transport infrastructure is the only problem for you – then you’re lucky…

  • Proud Bahraini
    28 June 2007

    Yeah i bet that a blue collar like my self will be deported from Bahrain and my children will never be granted the Bahraini nationality although I’m Bahraini to the Bone, it is because of most of these buildings will have a bright shiny names like sony or marlboro or Apple or windows or whatever of capitalist firms and blood sucking organizations there are in this whole entire universe.

    it might look nice with tall buildings, but i fear that the cement jungle is going to enslave us and our children, i love Bahrain no matter what, but i miss the palm trees i miss Ain Adhari i miss alot of things that the so called development can never bring back.

    People are thinking about buying land?

    others are thinking in investing in all sorts of things in order of getting rich, but have anybody and especially those who applaud the blue collar enslavement asked themselves HOW ARE THE POOR ARE GOING TO SURVIVE?

    HOW IN HELL ARE GONNA AFFORD good schools for our kids?

    Fees are getting higher, government schooling (YEAH JUST FORGET ABOUT IT).

    it is getting harder and harder by the day (and my dad who is 75 thinks we have it easy) yeah and i know our kids are going to suffer even more.


  • Anonymous
    28 June 2007

    Yes buy land that’s the best advice, the boom is just starting you haven’t seen anything yet 😯

  • Salman
    28 June 2007

    I am like Proud Bahraini, i do not wish to see Bahrain turn into an island of cement and glass.

    Ras Romman will probably be the most expensive land in all of Bahrain in the coming years. I just wonder how hard the lives of people who live there will be with all the congestion.

    No more will Bahrain live a simple life. It will be congested, and over populated, regardless of the so called “development” that everyone raves and rants about.

  • Anonymous
    29 June 2007

    mahmood does the gdn get its news from you?? 😕

    look how long this forum has had these pics :mrgreen: May 14th, 2007

  • Sara
    29 June 2007

    Bahrain is already one of the most densely populated countries in the world.

    Those pictures are nice but I think they unfortunately are a little too optimistic on the amount greenery.

  • I'm with stupid
    30 June 2007

    Nice…Those imported Yemenis, Syrians, Jordanians, Pakistanis, etc. better get their act together then and learn how to read and write since they’ll be running almost everything in 23 years time.

    As for the indigenous people, they’ll probably all have to pack up and go…

    Shame really.

  • I'm with stupid
    30 June 2007

    Hopefully Al-Khalifa will be long gone by then and we’ll finally be able to elect a prime minister who’s good at something other than shaking hands and stealing land.

  • Jay Jerome
    30 June 2007

    Nice graphic projections–
    but where’s the Hooters?

  • F
    30 June 2007

    It is great to ‘see’ the possibilities of
    Bahrain’s development.

    Green areas are important for the country.
    They should be maintained and more areas

    I hope opportunities are given to all to

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