Mahmood’s Den Scapegoat of the moment —-> Amal aka enTaiFah!

Yep, it’s that time again. I’m off on a short trip to lovely Amman, Jordan this afternoon. So in the tradition of Mtv, it gives me great pleasure to announce this time’s Scapegoat of the Moment [MtvSM™]:


Amal aka enTaiFah

That means that she is to blame for all the ills of the world and then some, until I come back!

You really think that the Tubli Bay environmental disaster happened all by itself? What about the Malkiya on-again-off-again fish traps and wall? Saddad’s wall? The almost completed unauthorised shopping centre in A’ali? The desecration of the Tree of Life?

No, they are all due to enTaiFah‘s carelessness and collusion (and she’s also to blame for me using longish words which are completely unnecessary)!

She was also very instrumental in our dear beloved Prime Minister receiving the 2006 Special Citation of the Habitat Scroll of Honour Award 😕

See you all in a couple of days’ time.

  • amal
    1 July 2007


    I dedicate this post to those who used to think Mahmood only honours the people he likes with the delegation..

    Didn’t see this coming, but I guess I earned it for all the nasty things I’ve been doing lately :p

    Cheers, and bring ’em on!

    (have a safe trip)

  • amal
    1 July 2007

    inzain can you at least change entaifah to amal?

  • mahmood
    1 July 2007

    What did I do to you to get my flight delayed? There isn’t even an announcement for goodness’ sake! Just no one on the blasted gate and it’s supposed to take off in 15 minutes!

    Thanks, you’re a good friend indeed.

    Call Gulf Air and get them to get crackin’ will ya? 👿

  • amal
    1 July 2007

    see what happens when you make scapegoats of innocent kind people like myself?
    that’s why people don’t mess with me..

  • mahmood
    1 July 2007

    And my trials and tribulations continue…

    Here’s what you have done to me since I finally left after (only) a 30 minute delay:

    1. The delay was YOUR fault,
    2. I was in almost the last seat in the airplane and although you gave me an isle seat, you had to put a 7-foot burly guy next to me who spread and squeezed me even further into the isle,
    3. The meal was uggghhh, big time.
    7. That oversized kid kept screaming, bawling and crying throughout the flight and the whole bloody time we were waiting for our passports to get processed,
    8. I know this one might not be completely your fault, but can you tell someone high up in Jordan to return the smile to the airport personnel?
    9. You are fully to blame for the immigration officer almost returning me to the plane when I refused to get my picture taken and my thumbprint scanned. I did in the end, but under duress.
    10. That fuckin’ kid is still bawling. He needs a right proper RASHDI to adjust his behaviour.
    11. His mother needs one too.
    12. Get it done will ya!
    13. My driver had to park at the end of the bloody lot “so he can get out quicker”.

    But at least the Internet is free in the hotel!

    Let’s see what you have in store for the world tomorrow.

  • Munther
    1 July 2007

    wohoooooooo somebody to slaughter..

    I blame you for not being able to have my operation this vacation !

    I blame you for my car tyres needing to be changed !

    I blame you for being skint !

    I blame you for the dilemma I am facing while waiting for the job offers

    I blame you for the birth of every single terrorist

  • amal
    1 July 2007

    if the flight alone irritated you this much then you should get out of jordan asap because you won’t be able to take what’s coming next..
    mahmood, relax, Amman is beautiful, especially for the unique cultural tolerance exercise it gives you..

    on the other hand, nyahaha.. 7obati 👿
    no one even left a comment yet here..

  • mahmood
    1 July 2007

    hey I’m chillin’ waitin’ for my chicken fajitas! want some?


    THEY DON’T HAVE A NONE-SMOKING SECTION HERE! I had to change my table three times already because of that 🙁

    scuse me, the food’s just arrived and it looks scrumptious.


  • mahmood
    1 July 2007

    I just checked into the Intercon tonight and was going to the lift to get to my room and this was in my path!

    I hope they live happily ever after and get blessed with a lot of children.

  • mashtan
    2 July 2007

    Oh Mahmood…..Amman is beautiful. Go to the Citedal and see the ruins. Very historic.

    Take a driver and drive to the dead sea, very winding, curvy and breathtaking. Go to Movenpicks resort and get a massage (the spa overlooks the dead sea). OoooooooooH!!! Nice afternoon that would be.

    And for God sakes…..LOVE CHILDREN…..!


    Peace to you. And loved the wedding party.

    Blessings to the bride and groom, thanks for sharing.

    Peace, Mashtan 🙂

  • Redbelt
    2 July 2007


    Dear Amal,

    1-My tires need changing and the size is not available in Bahrain or Saudia Arabia. I have to order them from Who’s Fault is that?

    2-My DWL-G520+ stupid wifi card is discontinued and so out of date it doesn’t have a driver anymore. That’s the last time you push me into D-Link products.

    3-I am hungry and too tired to get up and make breakfast. Not only is this your fault, but it turns out that I could have ADD, which explains my weariness. How can you live with yourself?

    4- I want to go out running but its 10:30 AM and it’s too hot outside. Seriously, WHY?

    5- I am missing out on precious time with my wife because the Copa America matches air at Dawn. For goodness sake! Do something about it.

    6- Finally, my NEW Phillips TV gives me black and white images. Even AFTER Fakhro “repaired” it. Would you fix your own mess please?

    Take like a m…woman. Admit it. ITS YOUR FAULT.
    I’ll return should I remember more things..

  • minus
    2 July 2007

    I blame you for UOB 👿

  • Bonsaimark
    2 July 2007

    Welcome to the CLUB!!!

    It is however your BLEEPIN’ fault it is too BLEEPIN’ windy today to burn some yard waste I need to get rid of. Knowing full well I had this planned you conjured up the strong winds to stop me from doing what I need to do. HAVE YOU NO SHAME????

  • amal
    2 July 2007

    yeee shame on me.. I should just throw myself in the flames of hell..

  • lujayn
    2 July 2007

    Amal, I blame you for making mahmood dissappear off to some foreign land every time I finally make it to his blog! Bring him back!

  • mahmood
    3 July 2007

    Amal, thanks ever so much for being such a good sport and holding the fort!

    I’m back home now, so you are OFFICIALLY off the hook.

    Big hand of applause to the lovely lady people! :mrgreen:

Off to Amman, Jordan