Kudos Batelco

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Batelco donate donates millions of dinars each year to a variety of community causes.

Since the beginning of the year, it has contributed over BD3m to various projects which include BD100,000 to Al Rahma Centre, BD450,000 to Al Noor Charity Association, BD800,000 to support Batelco Care Centre for Family Violence Cases and BD700,000 to complete its commitment, totaling BD1.5m, to the King Hamad Schools of the Future project.

“Batelco is more than pleased to continue offering support to the community we live in and work in; it is our way of saying thank you for their loyalty to us over the years,” said Shaikh Hamad
GDN – 18 July, ’07

Well done Batelco. That is 3/52.3 = 5.7% of your half-year profit or 3/136.4 = 2.2% of your gross revenue. Appreciable figures regardless of which metric and most definitely amplified by the projects it has financed and it is those people who will immediately see the contribution’s benefits.

I hope more companies follow this lead.

I hope too that these revenues prove that the lower the price of a good service, the more people will flock to you to buy that service, so it’s time once again for your to reduce the ADSL tariffs, increase speeds and scrap that bandwidth limitation. You can do it!

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