Building a community

Anwar had some excellent suggestions in a comment he posted earlier which I thought I would act on immediately. If you have any suggestion at all to make the site better and more interactive to help the growing community of Mahmood’s Garden, please do comment:

I believe that it would be a good idea to include some more subjects or sections in this site such as “anything that goes into the garden” : BBQ secrets, sauces marinades and experiments, garden hard and soft landscape ideas, may be even arranging group visits to readers gardens to enhane the overall experience.

And I think probably the best way to do this is to invite interactivity, that’s how we can all share our experiences. Having a forum is probably the best way to achieve this. I have now updated the forum software to (I hope) a better and easier to manage one, please have a look and start using it.

Would you consider moderating a section or two? Which would you prefer?

Would anyone else volunteer for a moderator position? You don’t have to be an expert at the subject you want to moderate as it is an admin/marketing position more than anything else; having said that, if you do have some expertise, this will add to the value of the forum.

Volunteers? More suggestions?