Bandargate, closure in the offing?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read in the papers over the last couple of days that MP Salah Ali of Al-Menbar (Muslim Brotherhood) political bloc is spearheading a campaign to open the Bandargate scandal and issue forth a “truth and reconciliation” effort to treat and then close this folder and move on as a country.

Although I want to believe Ali with every atom of my body that he has no vested interest in this and wants indeed to achieve a long awaited closure, my mind tells me to not jump the gun and reminds me that it was him and his friends in the Muslim Brotherhood who perceivably benefited the most by the machinations described in the Bandargate report – from mysterious financial contributions to bulldoze them through the elections to those travelling posse of 8,000 votes the sums of which was certainly very telling.

I also no longer believe that there is any intent by the people who have access to the national buttons to actually do anything about this. It’s not even a matter of burying heads in the sand as poking their fingers in our eyes and directing us to the closest wall to bash our heads against. No movement, in other words, will ever happen without a clear and courageous political will which is sorely lacking at the moment.

I really really want to believe that this initiative is genuine, but there is just far too much stink around this latest endeavour to pull my nose off the muck and enjoy the roses.



    most of these movements are motivated by some sort of personal gain, whether it includes gaining some sort of power, be it political or otherwise, or perhaps standing out and shining under the spotlight. or perhaps its something else.

    like you, i do wish to see something being done by people with a genuine wish to solve a case like this, and in turn, do all they can to reach an acceptable result. this way, however, you can be sure that the eggs will end up half cooked and whoever is running such a campaign will dissapear as soon as he gets what he is looking for

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