The Bulbs are On

cuttingspatch.jpgI finally got the chance to plant the bulbs in the new Cuttings Patch this afternoon. I’ve also moved the bulbs that have already produced leaves in there too; those would be the Gladiolus and the Lilies.

The bulbs are planted are:

  • 30x Oxalis Deppei – Four leaf clover
  • 60x Liatris Spicata
  • 30x Gladiolus Callianthus – Acidanthera Murielae
  • 1x Hemerocallis – Purple Waters
  • 1x Iris Germanica – Howard Weed

All of the above were a gift from my estranged friend Mohammed Al-Kabour who brought them back with him during a flying visit from Ireland. Where are you?! Wherever you are, I hope that you are happy and safe.

Now all I have to do is wait… and cross my fingers.

  • Mohammed
    17 February 2008

    Mahmood you’re timing is simply impeccable! I’m dropping by in the region next week and if you’ve planted them in the tail end of November then those bulbs should be flowering just around now, if you still have those obscenely shaped doughnuts I might just call in and see the fruits of your labour, you’re the only one in the region I know who can get those bulbs not only to sprout but flower and actually flourish in the hostile environment, remember what I said a few years ago -caring for a national botanical garden isn’t a shabby retirement plan and I’ll be down in my knees with you picking those slugs! All’s grand here in Ireland, I’ve gone overboard with bulbs this year by my reckoning I must have planted near enough to 500 spring bulbs, tulips (darwin hybrids, queen of the night., parrot….) snow drops, hyacinths, crocus corms narcissus bulbs and of course tons of daffs, but hey once they’re down they’re down and here in Eire the planting is the guts of all the work you need to put into them, nature does the rest. Let me know if you fancy any bulbs or cuttings from here, hope to catch up soon!

  • Mahmood
    12 December 2009

    by the way, the Callianthus is also called “The Peacock Orchid”, please see this flickr page for information.

Annapolis here we come!