Friday Breakfast – the spread

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Friday Breakfast - the spread

Friday Breakfast – the spread, originally uploaded by malyousif.

We’re so happy to have our eldest daughter Amna back with us for her university summer break. To celebrate (well, and an excuse to pig out too!) we prepared a full Friday Breakfast spread. What you see in this picture is the traditional heart-attack food, and then some. I’ll highlight the dishes and what their called on Flickr, so please click on the picture to view the notes.

The spread includes the local Bahraini (or Iranian) unleavened bread called Khobiz (center), some vegetable samboosa (or samoosa as some call them), cheese samboosa, aloo (deep fried potato dumplings), curried tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, scrambled eggs, curried tomato with scrambled eggs, labna, gaimer (thick cream, we normally eat this with a little salt mixed in, some like it sweet so they mix it with sugar), chick peas and yogurt.

If there is something left of this, I normally get more samboosas than could be inhaled in a single sitting, they keep well in the fridge for several re-visits through the day.

I hope you enjoy your breakfast whatever it and I hope too that you have an excellent Friday and weekend my friends.

Milky tea, part of the Friday breakfast Samboosa shop - Bani Jamra, Bahrain 2 Prepared samboosa, uncooked Khabbaz 2

  • Suad
    15 May 2009

    I am happy that you are back and this post in particular is of a great interest to me 🙂 Khobiz, sambosa and aloo ياسلام على الفطور

    يمكن توارد خواطر اني هالايام افكر في اشياء قريبة من موضوع تدويناتك الاخيرة والحنين الى الاشياء القديمة اللي ربينا عليها

    آخر اجتماع للمدونين حضرته لما كنت موجود ومن بعدها ماصار فرصة اني احضر اي اجتماع .. اتمنى تكون موجود معانا الاجتماع الياي

    محتاجين تشجيعك ووجودك معانا واتمنى ما تكون فكرة العودة فكرة عابرة او مؤقتة

  • Blewyn
    18 May 2009

    Nice to see you back Mahmood !

  • steve the american
    19 May 2009

    I don’t recognize anything on the table but the bread but it certainly is an attractive spread, something you might see in Good Housekeeping – Bahrain Edition. My compliments to the wife.

  • mahmood
    19 May 2009

    I shall convey the compliments. I’m still suffering from that breakfast though!

  • Bernie
    19 May 2009

    I’ll take a chance on the coronary for a breakfast like that occasionally thank you.
    Looks wonderful.

  • mahmood
    20 May 2009

    Occasionally should the operative word here, I agree!

  • Kate
    25 May 2009

    I’ve just seen the Khobiz………………… that’s what I miss. I brought back a suitcase full last October but, alas, they are all gone. Hope Amna is well and happy.

  • Ali
    25 May 2009

    A BD1.5 breakfast for 5 adults.. and there were plenty for more people! Welcome Back 🙂

  • Sami Burgaz
    28 May 2009

    the frest hot Khobiz and cheese in the morning was always my breakfast on the way to school and still it is. 🙂

  • Ayedee
    31 May 2009


    So It just came to me that maybe, just maybe Mahmood had a change of mind on the decision he made

    Otherwise, I will just see that sunset pic again and learn to live with it

    And Here I am seeing posts spread all over again
    (Ahem… Spread =)

    Although we have nothing much to celebrate if we look at the wider perspective on what’s going on all over the world

    But still, it’s Great to have you bank on Cyber World, at least here we can relax, have a chance to look at Frangipanis and Samboosas together and try to have a good time amidst all the chaos and confusion.

    WBR 2 ALL

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