Gulf Broadcast

  • Anonny
    23 October 2009

    Great new premises! Congratulations 🙂

  • mahmood
    24 October 2009

    most welcome!

  • Hamad
    27 October 2009

    Hi Mahmood I didnt know you are back ? when you get back to blogging ? im very happy to see you back such a happy news.

    Please always be there 🙂 im sure all missed you


  • Municipality/Planning
    30 October 2009

    Yo!! I hope you got the permit?? You never called back. Did I just have to tell them once, and they did it??

  • mahmood
    30 October 2009

    Well, more or less! I did have to run around a bit longer but everything finally got in sync. Many MANY thanks for your help!

    Will call next week.

“Wat Aroon” the Temple of Dawn, Bangkok, Thailand