I’ve been to a nice seminar this afternoon at the Entrepreneurs Organisation, of which I’m a member, exploring ways to grow one’s business. The EO’s education, or “learning” program is quite good and is the one most important reason (so far) which attracted me to the group. They organise excellent seminars and workshops led by experienced entrepreneurs or someone of international import to share his or her experience with us. As my business is experiencing growth, this particular seminar, “Grow your business” was of particular interest to me and my team. It featured Steve Strauss, an accredited author, entrepreneur, lawyer and syndicated columnist. I invited Rachel Heywood who is the producer and director at Gulf Broadcast whom I thought would not only benefit from the seminar too, but could also add value through her experience.

Through the short couple of hours we spent together with leading entrepreneurs in Bahrain, the interactive discussion was very interesting and listening to each other’s experiences was eye-opening at some times. Almost like bulbs going on as the discussions continued with this sophisticated group.

One of the questions raised was how us as individuals translate the term “entrepreneur”. I listened to several definitions, and although they were quite correct and true, I still was uncomfortable with most of the definitions because I thought that they lacked something which I can’t put my finger on. Ultimately, I spent a few minutes thinking about what it meant to me, and I think that I finally came to a definition which encompasses the meaning of entrepreneur and entrepreneurship to me personally which I’m going to share with you here:

An entrepreneur is an incubator of innovation through which opportunities are created that ultimately benefit both himself and the larger community. The byproduct of this process is the creation of collective wealth.

What do you think? What does the term “entrepreneur” mean to you?

  • ihath
    23 September 2010

    I like your definition. Can’t think of anything better.

  • Steve Strauss
    26 September 2010

    It was great to meet you Mahmood, and the whole group! It was one of the highlights of my trip to the Middle East. Please thank the group again for me for the warm reception, an interesting discussion, and a wonderful plaque too.


    • mahmood
      26 September 2010

      Likewise Steve!

      I hope that our paths will cross again soon. It was a very interesting discussion indeed.

  • Entrepren
    27 September 2010

    entrepreneur = $$$$ and more $$$$

  • Ali Abdulla
    7 October 2010

    i dont really have a specific term for entrepreneurship, but i can boil my opinion down to a few points:

    An entrepreneur is an ambitious individual, that wants to advance and succeed in one/many field(s) free of restrictions, and with his/her own rules/way of doing things (within legal limitations obviously)

    An entrepreneur is someone who says “im going to do this” as opposed to “i want to/would like to do this”

    An entrepreneur is sees beyond what is beneficial to him/herself, and sees how he can benefit by benefiting the community.

    An entrepreneur is someone with a dream.

    • Ali Abdulla
      7 October 2010

      i ment “An entrepreneur sees beyond”..

      i should really review what i have written more often before i post

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