Meet the Seedlings

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed that some shoots were already starting in the nursery just two days after the seeds were sown! I was so happy about that progress. It’s now just five days since I started the nursery and now we’ve got quite a few trays exhibiting signs of life.

First to make an appearance were the Amaranthus seedlings, followed by the Holyhocks, Marigolds and even the Weeping Love ornamental grass and some calendulas too. This morning, I saw signs of a couple of Alyssum shoots, I’m particularly interested in these coming through as I’ve got three trays full of their seeds. The Alyssum – I hope – will be the main feature of every border as they will reside right at the front and provide the frame for that border. As you might have noticed from my inventory, I’ve got two kinds; the white Snow Cloth and the yellow Gold Dust.

Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment. I hope that your seeds are doing well too. Let us know how you’re getting along by entering a comment.

Bon chance!

MGS S01E05 – The Nursery
Meet the Seedlings