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Next wave of reality TV: Muslim Top Model

Well, model in the sense of a devout and pious young gentleman tested in Islamic and worldly knowledge; things like actually washing the dead to prepare them for burial, counseling pregnant women out of wedlock and helping orphans.

This reality show happens in Malaysia to great acclaim and a huge following. Their Facebook page has about 45,000 followers and press reports suggest and even greater following among young Malaysian women, all hoping for one of the contestants for a husband.

What do they win? Well, other than the assigned cleric’s blessing, the winner gets an all expenses paid trip to perform the Hajj in Mecca, a car, a laptop, a small cash grant and a scholarship in a main mosque in Madina in Saudi Arabia.

Is this creativity at its best or simply pandering to the lowest common denominator and using modern entertainment programming and spin it so that the maximum advertising/subscription revenue possible is milked?

Regardless, I applaud the Malaysian TV channel whose brainchild this is. They obviously recognised a niche and went with it and found success.

I’m quite sure that this new wave of entertainment is going to grace our own meagre Middle Eastern TV offerings very soon, but as usual, I’m afraid that they’re going to make pretty hash job of it. I hope that should it be replicated here or elsewhere; however, it will be done to propagate tolerance and understanding rather than increase the sectarian rift and strife in our part of the world. I somehow think that knowing the kind of religious stations we have here, it will be the latter that will be emphasised.


Delonix Regia flowers

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Delonix Regia flowers

Delonix Regia flowers, originally uploaded by malyousif.

This is the first year that that Poinciana actually flowers in this profusion. After 5 years, I guess it finally feels that it’s mature enough to do so!

It covers the front garden with its petals that every morning the area around it glows with oranges, reds and yellows of its petals.

Happy Friday everyone.


The Garden in 3D

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A new service that’s just come up on the Internet, take a couple of pictures – one simulating the view from the left eye and the other the right eye and the system combines them.

Perfect for garden shots like this one!


Mumbo Jumbo “Science”

This cracked me up in yesterday’s Al-Waqt:

أحياناً تنفع الأعشاب في علاج السرطان، خاصة في بعض الحالات، وقد جربت هذه الأنواع من العلاجات في الولايات المتحدة الأميركية إضافة الدول الأوروبية ودول الشرق الأوسط وقد سمع الكثير منا قصصاً عن أناس قد جربوا هذا النوع من العلاج وشفي عندهم السرطان، الكيفية غير معروفة ولكن الشفاء قد تم. فقد كانت إحدى مريضات المستشفى التخصصي في الرياض مصابة بالسرطان وسافر بها أهلها إلى الحرم المكي وشربت من ماء زمزم واغتسلت به على أمل أن يشفيها بإذن الله، وحدثت المعجزة حيث عند رجوعها إلى طبيبها وبعد إجراء الفحوصات تبين أن السرطان قد اختفى. قد يكون هذا بالنسبة إلى بعض الناس ضرباً من الخيال ولكن هذا الأمر تكرر مع مرضى عدة. لذلك لا ضير من إشراك العلاج الأعشاب وماء زمزم، إضافة إلى العلاج المتفق عليه مع طبيب السرطان ولابد من مشاركة الطبيب بذلك حتى يتابع هو الحالة المرضية وكيف يمكن أن يساهم هذا النوع من العلاج في الحد من انتشار المرض أو شفائه، سواء في مراحله الأولى أو المتقدمة.

Google translation:
Sometimes benefit the herbs in the treatment of cancer, especially in some cases, have experimented with these types of treatments in the United States of America as well the European countries and the Middle East, many of us have heard stories about people who have experienced this kind of treatment, and they have cured cancer, how are unknown, but healing has been completed. It was one of the patients specialist hospital in Riyadh had cancer and her family traveled to the Grand Mosque in Mecca and drank Zamzam water and washed, by the hope that heal, God willing, and where the miracle happened when she comes back to her doctor and after tests found that the cancer had disappeared. This may be for some people a form of imagination, but this is repeated with many patients. So no harm in engaging treatment of herbs and Zamzam water, in addition to the treatment agreed with the cancer doctor should be involved in order to follow your doctor is the condition and how it can contribute to this type of treatment in reducing the spread of disease or recovery, whether in early or advanced .

Sorry, I couldn’t bother properly translating this tripe.

Did you notice that the whole thing is built on “sources” peppered with plenty of “maybes” that you might as well change the “Zamzam” water with “Whiskey” or even “Margadoosh” and the end result won’t be much different.

And for this to actually be printed in a national paper, taking more than half a page as well, demonstrates what a backward society this is, at least as far as science and technology are concerned.

Judging by the scientific output level that the Arab and Muslim world combined enjoys, and the number of “scientists” we are privileged to the presence of and of course the plethora of university graduate equivalents, we’re a-okay!