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Bahraini Views – Khalid Muharraqi – International Success

Khalid is one of the leading digital artists in the world with laudable contributions not only in creating breathtaking images and animations, but with active contributions on the design and implementation of leading-edge software tools.

Khalid’s influence in demonstrated in the amount of graphics professionals the world over seeking to work with him to learn from his techniques and expertise.

In this interview, Khalid reflects on how he started in this career.


The Most Expensive Art Exhibit in Bahrain!

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My friend Hameed and I had the good fortune to attend an art exhibit by the world renowned artist Mohammed Omar Khalil at Al-Bareh gallery in Adliya last night.

We both readily confess that we are not art connoisseurs, contrary to popular belief, but we like art. But the collection we witnessed at Al-Bareh was quite a bit away from our artistically beaten path. I guess you can call the art displayed as collages created by the use of different material, stuck on large board covering huge wall areas, which in itself, requires a large home to be displayed in. Or a museum more like.

The artist, who lives in New York and taught my own late father in Aseela in Morocco at one of his workshops, is certainly pure genius. His pieces are vibrant, thought provoking and uses completely ordinary material to create things which are completely out of the ordinary. Little wonder, then, that his work is highly sought after by world-class collectors and is included in the top collections in the world.

One might raise an eye brow when one first sees the price list, but when put in context, they’re not that high really, in fact, they are decidedly good value for money – if you are one of the investment art collectors that is.

I did a few quick calculations which might interest you; they certainly interested me!

  • The average size of the painting (of the 32 exhibited) is 108 x 111 cms
  • Average price is BD14,863 (US$ 39,423)
  • Average price per square centimetre is BD 1.2 (US$ 3.08)
  • Most “value for money” piece exhibited is ‘So What II’ priced at BD 38,000 (US$100,529) and measures 244 x 244 cms
  • While the least value for money piece is ‘The Curse’ priced at BD3,000 (US$ 7,937) and measures 44 x 31 cms
  • As all of those exhibited were produced in 2007, and assuming these are his total production for that year (I know it’s not, it is actually higher), then the artist produced 3 pieces per month, on average
  • If we assume that he started producing these works of art at age 30 and further assume that he will carry on doing so until he is 80, then he could produce 1,600 paintings in his lifetime
  • That possibly means a revenue of BD 23, 780,800 (US$ 63,079,045) over his production lifetime

Pretty useless (and completely unscientific) stats, but it was fun doing them too!

If you have a chance, nip over to Al-Bareh while the exhibit is still on. It will be worth your while. At the very least you can boast to your children that you actually attended an exhibition in Bahrain in 2008 where the total value of the exhibits was BD 475,600 (US$ 1,258,201)!!

Hameed and I did discuss starting a workshop slapping a few pieces of cloth, old metal dustbins and copious amount of washed sand on big canvases in our garages and hoiking them over to a gallery in New York to sell them for insane amounts of dosh, but then we thought better of cutting Mohammed Omar Khalil’s livelyhood.

We’re really good that way. That’s why we’re both Rotarians!


Decoupage hand-made spiritual boxes at Frankie’s

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Spiritual boxes at Frankie's

Spiritual boxes at Frankie’s, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Fantastic Décollage Decoupage hand-made spiritual boxes in at Frankie’s in the Najibi Cenre at the Saar roundabout.

Today’s the last day.

Proceeds from the sale will go toward helping a lady receive breast cancer treatment. It’s a good cause and you end up with a wonderful (and very much undervalued) piece of art. Most of the boxes have been sold, a few remain to the lucky few who will immediately go and grab them!


Hamad’s Cartoons

You will probably agree with me when I say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a few hundred thousand then a cartoon surpasses all of that and through it you can deal with political and social situations that no paper (or blog!) would dare tackle. Hence, we find that a lot of people the world over head to the daily political cartoon in their favourite newspaper first before even bothering to read the front-page headlines.

One daily cartoon that I enjoy is Hamad Al-Gayeb‘s. Hamad is the daily cartoonist at Al-Wasat newspaper. I have actually featured some of his cartoons on this blog previously as I found them quite apt for the occasion.

Hamad has now produced his second cartoon book (and probably his first eBook) and with his permission, I offer it here for your download and viewing pleasure. You will be happy to note that he comments on each cartoon in English too.

You can also find more about the artist as well as his contact information on his own site at http://hamadcartoon.com.

Hamad Al-Gayeb cartoons
Click the picture to start downloading his eBook (pdf 2.6MB)


In memory of my father

His memory is still very fresh in my mind. His sense of humour, his easy manner, his friendliness, his openness, his kindness, his love, his single mindedness, his art, his determination, his touch, his smile, his smell, his personality. Everything about him is still in my mind and I don’t think that will ever leave me.

Slowly though, only the good memories remain and my utter gratefulness for having had a father like him; I hope when my time is up my children will remember me with half the fondness that I harbour for my own father.

Nasser Al-Yousif, the founder of contemporary fine arts in Bahrain - 1940 - 16 June 2006

My brother Jamal is in the process of making an excellent site in which he exhibits some of our dad’s work and also has collected a good number of articles written by and about Nasser Al-Yousif, the founder of the contemporary art movement in Bahrain.

I still miss you dad. You are, and will always be my hero. May you live for ever.


St Christopher’s School GCSE Art Exhibition 2007

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St Christopher's School GCSE Art Exhibition 2007

St Christopher’s School GCSE Art Exhibition 2007, originally uploaded by malyousif.

Panorama of one of the rooms used to display student’s artwork, some of which is very creative, others very daring and a few combine both facets.

Well worth visiting, which is by appointment only for the next two weeks. You need to contact the school to be able to view the exhibit from 8am to 2pm.

Both my daughters Amna and Hanan participated in this one.


Public Calligraphy & Eid Mubarak

Public Calligraphy

Public Calligraphy, originally uploaded by malyousif.

I visited the village of Bilad Al-Qadeem this morning to pay my respects to a friend whose father just passed away. Although my own father’s house is very close to that village, I’ve never taken it upon myself to go in and investigate. Today, I am happy that I did, and I personally think that if you don’t go and visit one of these villages then you can’t really say that you have seen Bahrain.

This kind of calligraphy was everywhere on several buildings and done very well indeed. It is obvious the people of this village are both artistic and religious as these works of art represent some Ayahs of the Quran or other religious texts.

The village itself is much like a rabbit warren. I got lost trying to find he condolence location and had to call a guy in there to rescue me and show me where the ma’atem actually was!

I fully recommend you go and spend some time in these villages. There is no danger at all, and the people are friendly and helpful.

Have a wonderful Friday my friends and let me also wish you Eid Mubarak.