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Blonde moments in the Bahraini Elections

Ahdeya Ahmed, official spokesperson for the Bahraini 2006 electionsSometimes, they say, silence is golden. They also say that it is better to keep people thinking that you’re stupid rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt, alas people do like to hear themselves talk.

This is the case with an airhead who have found herself probably by pure coincidence as the “official spokesperson” for the 2006 Bahraini elections.

First, this (somewhat) pretty lady released a humungous cerebral waste (being in polite company, I’ll borrow Mark’s definition here) by threatening anyone calling the Bahraini elections, judges, procedures, etc into question with being presented to the public prosecutor. Thankfully the local press found a bit of their backbone and took her to task.

Yesterday, she came out with this humdinger:

من جانبها نفت المتحدثة الرسمية للانتخابات عهدية أحمد وجود الطائفية في البحرين، وقالت: »المواطن البحريني لا يصوت لطائفة ضد طائفة اخرى، والطائفية موضوع غير مطروح أساسًا، ونحن المواطنين في البحرين من السنة والشيعة لا توجد مشاكل فيما بيننا أبدا«

Al-Wasat :: 23 Nov, ’06

The pretty lady denies that we have any sectarianism in Bahrain at all and that the Bahraini citizen does not vote for a sect against another, and that the sectarian issue is not on the table at all and that we Bahraini citizens Sunna and Shi’a do not have a problem between us at all.

Aha! Now I get it. Ms. Ahdeya Ahmed must hail from the outer reaches of Mars as I know that her little brain must have been indoctrinated there and in it was injected that latest brainfart of hers above.

Bless your heart sister; for God’s sake don’t get that “position” to get to your head… the translation of “official spokesperson” is no other than “mouth piece”, but in your case, unfortunately, they forgot to specify the required brain power to control that orifice.

I for one am extremely happy that come December 2nd, you’re out of a job.

Hopefully next time they’ll select someone who can more than string a couple of sentences in flawed nasal English to be their “official spokesperson.” Or at least someone with a couple of brain cells to rub against each other and give the audience at least the benefit of the doubt that some of us actually do enjoy those cell frictions.


New novel method of electioneering pioneered by candidate

I bet you have all heard of the various ways candidates resort to in order to get their names and mugshots noticed; as anywhere else in the world, parliamentary and municipal candidates in Bahrain also offer bribes, buy votes, give gifts, refurnish houses and apartments, activate whatever wasta (influence) they have to ensure that their “customers” get their names pushed up the priority list for housing and other benefits if they can, and/or simply offer copious and unending supply of food at their electioneering headquarters. That last method is actually quite hilarious when you see people (and I am told most of those are non-voters, being Indian labourers etc) pushing and shoving others aside to get to the head of the serving queue at the end of the guys interminable speeches.

Where things differ in Bahrain, are two new methods, one pioneered specifically by the Salafis I think, in that they have leant from their compatriots’ Shi’a and their ma’atems experiences, is to sponsor and bring out preachers – some well known from – wait for it, wait for it – that land of tolerance, the land of the benign smile, and miswak: Saudi Arabia, where they spread their poison and stress to those attending (not sure if they are supporters or they’re actually just there for the food) that they should vote exclusively for their patron, and at the same time spread their poison against any and all opponents, especially if the opponent is a woman or worse, a Shi’a candidate!

Adel Al-Assoumi, vice principalAnother very new and a most novel method is the creation of your very own vice posse to go around the flats and houses in your neighbourhoods catching prostitutes (arabic) (or who they believe are prostitutes) and take them to the police, under the guise of “cleaning” their areas of sin. This new method is pioneered by a Adel Al-Assoumi who is running for the first constituency of the capital covering Gudhaiybia and Hoora, with the full support and knowledge of clerics who have lauded his efforts in their Friday sermons, and even composed short text support messages which were transmitted to mobile phones.

Now there you have it! I must commend the people of Hoora and Gudhaiybia for such an honest, dutiful, straight and vigilante candidate. The “good” thing is that he says that regardless of his chances in the elections, he will continue with his posse even they are done and dusted. And what does the Ministry of Interior’s – the protector who never sleeps so that we can – comment about people taking the law into their own hands as they clearly allegedly are in this case?

رفض مدير الإعلام الأمني في وزارة الداخلية الرائد محمد بن دينة، أية تصريحات في هذا الشأن يمكن استغلالها للاستهلاك الإعلامي والحملات الانتخابية، وقال إن وزارة الداخلية تشجع المواطنين والمقيمين على التقدم بالبلاغات لما يرونه خروجاً عن القانون، وأن ليس هناك ما يمكن أن يطلق عليه <>حملة شعبية>> في شأن من شؤون واختصاصات وزارة الداخلية ومن صلب عملها، إذ أن دور المواطن والمقيم ينتهي عند التقدم بالبلاغ، وأي إجراء تقوم أجهزة وزارة الداخلية يتم بعد ذلك وفق إجراءاتها وتحت مسؤوليتها القانونية، مؤكداً أن ترؤس أياً كان لحملات من هذا النوع سيكون خارج اختصاصه ودوره الذي تقوم به الوزارة المعنية.

Al-Waqt :: 19 Nov, ’06

They’re encouraging people to continue to lodge complaints, blow whistles and point fingers, but not to take any further action as that is their sole domain.

Fair enough, that makes for a safer society, but what will the Ministry do to Adel’s Posse? Will they disband it, slap him on the wrist, or take him to court for clearly breaching several laws (and not forgetting those preachers who should also be slapped and told – once again – not to interfere in the elections?

No idea, but I’m not holding my breath.


Brainfarting season has started, officially

This site’s blocking order notwithstanding, it is quite apparent that the official brainfarting season has started in earnest. Take a look at this gem for instance:

jalalalsharqi-salahali.jpgشن الشيخ جلال الشرقي يوم أمس (السبت) حملة ضد من أسماهم ‘’الليبراليين والعلمانيين واللادينيين’’ من جانب، وعلى الصحافيين الذين يهاجمون رجال الدين والإسلاميين من جانب آخر، أثناء حديثه في الخيمة المشتركة لكل من مترشحي المنبر الإسلامي في ‘’ثالثة الوسطى’’ إبراهيم الحادي للمجلس النيابي وعدنان المالكي للمجلس البلدي. إذ طالب الحاضرين ‘’لا تضعوا أيديكم في يد من هم على غير التيار الإسلامي، فأنتم محاسبون أمام الله إن نال صوتكم أولئك، فكل منكم يحمل أمانة والله عز وجل يحذرنا من خيانة هذه الأمانة، ولن تجدوا أفضل ممن قرر الوحدة في قائمة واحدة بين الأصالة والمنبر لنصرتكم ونصرتنا’’. وأكد ‘’أقسم بالله، أنهم الصادقون، عند الشدائد، وهم من يتمسك بسنة الله ورسوله، وكل من يرشح غير من يعمل لوجه الله فهو آثم’’. وتابع ‘’هناك عدد من الصحافيين الدخلاء، الذين لا يكلون ولا يملون من اتهام الشرفاء، والترويج للعلمانيين والليبراليين، ويعملون ضد الإسلام والمسلمين ومن ينصرهم، ولكن لن نترك المجال للفاسدين وليقولوا ما يريدون ويا (جبل ما هزك ريح)’’. أما النائب المترشح رئيس كتلة المنبر الإسلامي صلاح علي فدعا إلى ‘’التصويت لمن يؤمن بالقرآن ويدافع عنه، فإذا كان من ضمن جمعية أو كتلة فذلك يزيد من حظوظه وليصل صوتكم المبارك إليه’’.

That big fellow is Jalal Al-Sharqi, he’s supposed to be a “shaikh”, a religious clergyman, seems to be well fed for someone who’s supposed to be in the service of God and his creations, looking after them and giving alms to the poor and favouring others over himself, etc etc.

That other guy to his left – who seems to be rather enjoying a juicy, fresh, loogy, is ex-MP Salah Ali, he’s supposed to be a doctor of some sort, so maybe he knows what we don’t and there are nutritious benefits to picking one’s nose and eating its produce. Hey, what do I know.. the picture is indeed worth thousands of words.

The words emanating from the respected scholar; however, leave a lot to be desired. Let me clue you in:

This auspicious gathering of birds of a feature is in one of the elections campaign headquarters, a tent put up for the purpose in a transitory fashion maybe to show the voters that they too will only be required temporarily only to submit their tick mark on a ballot, and then forgotten forthwith by those people who seem to be all of a sudden to be the champions of the Bahraini citizen (and otherwise), and the poor and destitute. So come hither, friends, come and partake of Salah Ali’s bounty!

I didn’t read the election law, but I am fairly sure based on logic – if that quality is indeed used in forming laws in Bahrain – that you shouldn’t use religion, religious speeches to further your chances of winning, nor should you use or allow your venue to be used by 3rd parties to do so.

This is the proof of one of countless other transgressions hopeful MPs are utilising. The 3rd party here, the right honourable scholar is lambasting the people and ordering them NOT to vote for anyone HE and his ilk deem to be un-Islamic, heretic, liberal and westernised in any form whatsoever, and he also added to that illustrious list journalists who “habitually transgress on Islam” etc, promising those who do his version of hellfire in which they will ever last.

Oh, and did I not also mention that the connoisseur of jellyfied phlegm is also one of the heroes of bandargate? How utterly irresponsible of me. Sorry.

So these are the kind of people who are shamelessly putting themselves forward to represent us in this great country… the dregs of society.

They’re using threats, coercion, religious extremism, false promises, cajoling, negative publicity, accusing their competitors of treason… hey! hang on a minute! That really sounds like we arrived at real democracy! Yippee! I am thrilled to bits.

So carry on spreading your poison, and continue to classify this great society and you might as well print labels or buttons which simple have one word each on them: “For” and “Against” and distribute those so that you can actually filter out the whole society to your liking. To hell with anti-sectarianism and anti-discrimination, because those concepts just have no place in your sick minds.

Something else Bahrain can be proud of 😉

Incidentally, this is the very FIRST post post-Mahmood’s Den-blocking era!


Yep, it’s official, free publicity about to start! Mahmood’s Den blocking order

Mahmood’s Den blocking order signed by the Minister of disInformation

Did I mention that these lists of “undesirable” sites are compiled most probably by our illustrious Jamal Dawood, the guy implicated in the bandargate scandal for accepting a kickback of BD2,200. Yes I know he’s cheap, and he’s still running for parliament! The guy has no shame whatsoever!

Ah, how wonderful…


TERRORISM, definition of

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Let’s see… the UN says that terrorism is defined as:

criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public, a group of persons or particular persons for political purposes are in any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the considerations of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or other nature that may be invoked to justify them”. (GA Res. 51/210 Measures to eliminate international terrorism)

and says that the academic definition is:

“Terrorism is an anxiety-inspiring method of repeated violent action, employed by (semi-) clandestine individual, group or state actors, for idiosyncratic, criminal or political reasons, whereby – in contrast to assassination – the direct targets of violence are not the main targets. The immediate human victims of violence are generally chosen randomly (targets of opportunity) or selectively (representative or symbolic targets) from a target population, and serve as message generators. Threat- and violence-based communication processes between terrorist (organization), (imperilled) victims, and main targets are used to manipulate the main target (audience(s)), turning it into a target of terror, a target of demands, or a target of attention, depending on whether intimidation, coercion, or propaganda is primarily sought” (Schmid, 1988).


While the CIA defines it as:

The term “terrorism” means premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.
CIA Terrorism FAQ

And terrorism according to ONE Muslim source, is:

If we consider the meaning of the word “terrorism” on the one hand, and its fallout and traces left on human life on the other, we note that terrorism may be carried out on different levels. There is a terrorism which threatens security, honour, property and the like; there is a cultural terrorism which tears human identity apart, and leads to the abyss of perdition and aimlessness; there is an information terrorism which deprives man of his freedom to breathe in an unpolluted atmosphere. We can cite other types of terrorism such as economic terrorism, scientific terrorism, diplomatic terrorism, military terrorism, etc.

BUT (yes, there is always a but):

There exists, however, a division based on the type of perpetrators, which must be taken into account. It is the division into official and unofficial terrorism. Official terrorism – which is the more dangerous – consists of all acts that are supported by an internationally recognized quarter or State, whether by the army of that State or individual elements or in the form of an operation for the benefit of the said quarter. Opposing this type of terrorism is unofficial terrorism.
Fifth Islamic Summit

In Wikipedia, it’s defined as:

Terrorism refers to a strategy of using violence, or threat of violence to generate fear, cause disruption, and ultimately, to bring about compliance with specific political, religious, ideological, or personal demands[1]. The targets of terrorist attacks typically are not the individuals who are killed, injured, or taken hostage, but rather the societies to which these individuals belong. Terrorism is a type of unconventional warfare designed to weaken or supplant existing political landscapes through capitulation or acquiescence, as opposed to subversion or direct military action. The broader influence of terrorism in the modern world is often attributed to the dramatic focus of mass media in amplifying feelings of intense fear and anger.

See how disparate these definitions are? Is it any wonder that our own parliamentarians, bless their effervescent souls, should find it quite difficult to agree what it should be defined as? Well, in that case, as is usual to that malleable body, they lump everything together – like taking a pot-shot with a cannon at a tied and trussed bird – and call it intelligent:

According to the law, people who deal with foreign terrorist organisations receive a life sentence and if they carry out operations with their backing get the death penalty.

MPs also disagreed on the government’s definition of terrorism, which stipulates that anyone who uses violence or threatens others, whatever the reason or objective, to execute an act, whether alone or for a group, to terrorise people, or scare them, is considered a terrorist.

It also says that any threat to people’s lives, property, freedom, rights or security, or damage to the environment, public or private utilities or national resources and international facilities, is considered as a terrorist act.

The definition of a terrorist act also includes threats to regional stability and safety or the countries’ leaderships and politicians.

Some MPs are calling for the adoption of the definition of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference to Combat International Terrorism, which was used in the money laundering law passed by parliament.

The definition specifically exclude armed struggle for liberation and self-determination.

Others believe that the foreign affairs, defence and national security committee, which studied the proposed law, did not cover all terrorist activities in its amendments.

Meanwhile, Al Wefaq National Islamic Society expressed its concern that the law was being pushed by the government.
GDN :: 12 July, ’06

Which, naturally, by utilising this froufrou definition includes anyone who farts in my presence, let alone someone who vociferously advocates sending the Bahrain Defence Forces to jihad to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters against a country which we accepted to have the right to exist!

And this hurts: that last call was done by someone whom I have heretofore regarded as a “good” force in parliament, and one whom I had held in high regard. What’s this brain fart then? It must have been released whilst thinking of re-election, at least I hope that is the case.

No matter. The essence is, if the Bahrain government definition is actually taken to be true and laws are based on that definition, then with my writings, and that of everyone else on the island, we are died in the wool terrorists and don’t be surprised too much if we are summarily executed while our brain-dead MPs stuff their faces with crisps while giving aiming instructions to our executioners!

The Bahrain parliament is capable of defining terrorism, while they still can’t decide whether to install “efrenji” or eastern “hole-in-the-ground” toilets in parliament! Hah!


Learning to keep mouths shut is difficult!

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pictures of morons on the looseIf these guys had half a brain cell between them they would be even more dangerous than they actually are. Have a look at these snippets, you might want to read it in full in today’s GDN for a bellyful of laughter!

The story is that a restaurant’s female employees claimed to have been locked up and used as sex slaves for quite a while, then yesterday they simply disappeared and dropped their case against their erstwhile employers. The employers in turn – to defend their honour – held a press conference yesterday to “clear things up”, here’s what the manager had to say:

“We were treating the three women very well and tried to keep them happy at all times,” said Mr Kumar, who is also Indian.

“All their allegations are completely baseless and we strongly believe that they staged the whole drama to be given ‘freedom’.

Ok.. notice how the word freedom is put between quote marks. That’s like saying “pah! freedom, hah!” flippantly. The guy obviously doesn’t believe in it.

“The women started building personal relationships with our male customers, which if we did not put a stop to would ruin our business.”

Come again? How the hell does that compute? Wouldn’t a happy employee be more productive? Isn’t creating relationships a right rather than a privilege? Who put this dickhead as a moral guardian on these women? But there’s more…

Mr Kumar said the women were locked in their flat and allowed out only under supervision to keep them safe and out of trouble.

Ah, I understand now. Saving them from themselves, the poor children. Children? How old are these ladies anyway?

Sai Chandrababu, 24, Biji Chacko, 25, and Jalaja Nair, 35

Quite right, they’re not old enough to know any better.

He said new recruits being brought in to replace them would live under the same rule.

And he’s quite sure that the Ministry of Labour are going to issue them new licenses to recruit more slaves? I sure hope not. But then… it’s the Misery of Labour, so what could be any different. The gourmet restauranteur will surely get his visas. Tourism you know.

But the guy is quite humane actually, full of good tidings and cares deeply about his employees:

“They are allowed to go out shopping or for simply leisure, but only if they are escorted by our female supervisor, who stays with them,” said Mr Kumar.

“Only she is allowed to keep the key to their apartment and the three women could not leave unless accompanied.

Of course.. saving them from themselves again.

“We were doing this to prevent the women going out with our customers, because if they were caught somewhere in a compromising or morally unacceptable situation, the authorities would come searching for me first, as I am responsible for them.

Ah, now we get it. That’s called “preventative maintenance”, or covering his ass.

“We would not term it ‘locking up’, but simply security or precaution and the supervisor will be the only one with the key.”

Here’s your definition of the day. It’s NOT called “locking up” you stupid doofuses!

“The women were always given the best food and they wouldn’t eat unless they were served meat,” he said.

Get yourselves OFF the floor, quit your laughing and pay attention dammit! HE SERVES THEM GOOD MEAT! What else does he have to to? Provide them with bloody hot showers in winter? What the hell have YOU been smoking? Remember the guy is quite humane.

Ok, I’ve had it now, I need to know who is to blame really for all of this, and I need to know it now, because Mr. Kumar of course cannot be blamed for anything. He is a responsible human being, and excellent manager who Bill Gates continuously consults with on how to run Microsoft, and it was Mr. Kumar who convinced Warren Buffet to donate most of his fortune for the Gates Foundation. Without Mr. Kumar, the whole world will collapse. Fortunately for us, he also consults with our parliamentary chairman Mr. Al-Dhahrani who heeds his advice to the letter. Mr. Gates is stupid for firing Mr. Kumar and not believing in him. See what has befallen him? He will definitely be fired by June 2008 – purportedly just to take care of the charity organisation he fronts with his wife… but that is just a face saving thing.

Anyway, who is to blame?

Mr Kumar said the women made the allegations out of spite, after being put up to it by their customers.

AH! I knew it! The very people who keep Mr. Kumar in business are to blame! Brilliant, brilliant! But why?

“We know for sure that it is our customers who provoked them to protest, so that they could take them out and also they were annoyed at me for not letting them do so,” he said.

Sex. What can I say. Has driven them mad! And they are rightly angry at the defender of honour for not letting them get some. There must be more to it though… isn’t there?

“Many customers were also not happy with us because we wouldn’t let them drink liquor unless they also ate from our restaurant.”

Is there not end to Mr. Kumar’s righteousness? He does NOT allow anyone to drink alcohol “unless they also ate from our restaurant” Quite right too. For any licensed restaurant. What’s the betting that they’re not licensed to serve alcohol?

Okay, it’s over now.. the women have left and they must have been taken to the airport in police vans, they are criminals aren’t they? Perjury and all that good stuff?

Mr Kumar said that on the night the women left, the airport was crowded with admirers who went to see them off and were showering them money and gifts.

“I even saw a man giving one of the women a gold ring,” he said.

Admirers? What? Film stars-like admirers? Crowds? No way.. Mr. Kumar you should have demanded and apology from these twits.

“Before leaving, the women even apologised to us for causing so much trouble, but now the damage is done.


But where is the restaurant owner then in all of this? Does he have nothing to say?

Mr Hassan said he would be taking legal action against the women.

“We will be filing a case against the women for ruining our name and creating a bad reputation for our restaurant and we need compensation for this,” he said.

“Their withdrawal of the case proves that they were guilty of accusing us for the wrong things and that they would never win the case.

“Two of the women borrowed BD700 each from me for sending to her family and nothing has been repaid, so I have written it off as bad debt.”

These people are all so nice. I wish I could get a job with them, in fact I think I should apply for a position immediately. Being taken care of morally, chaperoned, given money in loans which get written off, and fed MEAT! What else should I ever want in life? Nothing. After their treatment absolutely nothing..

I actually want to give the women a call right now to learn more about how excellent my future bosses Mr. Kumar whom I shall adore and build a shrine to in my house, Mr. Hassan who will write off my generous loans from him, and of course the excellent supervisor who is the only one who needs to have a key and who will always be around to unlock the door in case of a fire or any other disaster, Ms. Shakeela Bhanu.

I wonder if the poor things have any sex slaves waitresses to help them out in this hour of need now?

Two of the women came to Bahrain to work at the restaurant eight months ago and one of them had been there for almost two years.

Ah that’s good. At least their maths skills are good. I’m not sure if the above is attributed to the reporter of this story or Mr. Kumar, but it fits very well into Mr. Kumar’s half brain-cell he didn’t fry so far.

So my friends, based on just this article and its demonstration of the superior intellect the management have been gifted by their creator, I wonder how long it would take our public prosecutor to come up with the real goods. Especially as Mr. Kumar and Co. have done an excellent job of implicating themselves so completely!

What utter morons.

And of course if the Misery of Labour actually issues them with more visas, then they would have demonstrated once again their superfluousity.


A new government department is born

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Please welcome the latest government department in Bahrain; it’s staffed by 40 managers, most are really not more than janitorial shift supervisors than they are managers, and some – who habitually trip over their IQ ratings – could just be hired as mere janitors, who invariably are the most vociferous of the lot. Empty vessels is the old adage…

However, regardless of the level of contribution they muster, they are all very well paid, to the tune of BD 3,000 (US$ 8,000 approx) per month plus some benefits here and there. They all got BD 10,000 (US$ 26,500) as a one time gift from his majesty the king when they started their jobs at this department so that they can fix up their status, buy a couple of suits or bishts for state occasions.. we can’t really have them looking like the riff-raff of society that they are, so we have to at least dress them up a bit.

They were also given a monthly stipend as allowances for their transport – no, not bus fairs of course, we can’t get them to mix with lowly labourers! No way, remember they spearheaded campaigns to segregate those people from society even more than they are at the moment and banishing them to somewhere where they cannot be seen or heard! – these worthy gentlemen get to drive around in German automobiles, or those Hyundai mini-bus vehicles with tarpaulin covered 4 rows of seats to make space for their multiple wives and their brats. They even get an allowance to actually have an office and hire a couple of people to man it! How about that for a janitorial gig?

Government jobs, particularly these, are pretty good.

So what’s the scope of work?

Big brooms, carpets, lift then flick of the wrists.

Very onerous, I know. It takes most of those 40 worthy individuals to bend over, lift the carpet, and for another herd of their cohorts to use the broom to sweep the dirt under said carpet. Release the carpet to cover that dirt and pretend for ever that it is simply not there!

When someone dares to question the various unsavoury smells emanating from that carpet, they are ordered to (1) state categorically that they have lost their sense of smell, so they aren’t bothered by it, (2) if there is to be an enquiry as to what that smell is, then do so in a closed room, edit every observation in that room, and come out with a press release that states that the smell was in fact, contrary to popular belief, was extremely savoury and it was nothing but Bahraini roses put there in order to extract the aromatic oils and preserve that for posterity, (3) if the public don’t like those observations, then they humbly remind us that Bahrain is a collection of islands, surrounded by the sea, and they have given us the open invitation to drink our fill.

They of course do not recognise that we only have narrow corridors to actually access the sea to partake of their advice, and that those corridors constitute approximately 3% of a coastline which exceeds 700 kilometres, but that’s just detail.

These government employees are hired for 4 years of their lives, fattened, and then released back into the community where they never again have to lift a finger to earn a living; they are all on a pension scheme which is the envy of the world, some say they would keep more than 50% of that inflated salary if they are called to serve just one 4 year term, if they are fortunate enough to be selected for another term, and most look like they will be, especially the actual janitors as they have demonstrated their total and unconditional support for their canny employer, that pension will soon approach 100% of their salaries in addition to all the other benefits they will gain.

Not to mention of course their other sources of revenue: “the lecture circuit.” They will have a booking agent for the various talk-shows they will appear on, the various conferences and expert janitorial panels in the Arab world and beyond they will be invited to and adequately compensated for and probably deposited in one or more Swiss bank accounts.

Whoever thought that they were elected in the first place to guard against black marketeers, corruption and to clean up the scum of society is sorely mistaken. They might – and I reiterate, might – have had that silly notion when they started their journey, if only as a janitorial campaign promise, but with the slow and deliberate inculcation and sitting on the government organ via grants and photo-ops with high government officials, that spark has been snuffed within the first few days.

We’ve got another 136 days of their company still, and we should feel utterly privileged to have that particular pleasure.

How can one live without that government department which looks after the citizen’s rights first and foremost and roots out corruption and all that ails this country? We can only hope that these worthy gentlemen are selected once again to occupy those plush leather seats.


World’s biggest hat made in Bahrain

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Big hat!

World’s biggest hat ever made has been unveiled here on the sideline of the Middle East Exhibition and Conference for Professions, Education and Training 2006 opened here on Tuesday in Bahrain.

The 6 m x 6 m x 4.5 m – hat will be officially estimated by representatives of Guiness [sic] World Records Encyclopedia. The university hat symbolizes efforts of the Government aimed at enhancing Bahrain’s position as a pioneering educational hub in the Middle East.
Bahrain News Agency :: 18 Apr ’06

How utterly sweet! An exhibition on education and training and they attempt to get listed in the Guinness World Records as making the largest hat in the world.


God grant me patience. Please!


Not THAT chestnut again!

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Hosni Mubarak looking very much like a child molester
The Egyptial president for life, raising the spectre of Shi’aphobia

Today’s humungous brain-fart belongs to non other than that democrat-despot-I’m-president-for-life- dammit-respect-me-and-I’m- the-non-elected-leader- of-the-Arabs Hosni Mubarak:

There are Shia in all of those states in very big percentages, and the loyalty of those Shia is to Iran, most of them are loyal to Iran. Their loyalty is not to their particular countries.”

Hey Hassoooni, flip that scratched record, fear-mongering is a bit old (but not as old as you obviously, even with all the hair colour in the world)

King Abdulla of Jordan tried it before, and ended up apologising for his brain-fart. We await yours…

Hat tip Big Pharaoh