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Even more!

Jamal Dawood must be salivating at the prospect of me finding even more bloggers that he potentially can prosecute!

Following on from a tip by Haitham Sabbah, I looked at a whole list of Bahraini blogs on blogger.com, and am I absolutely glad that I have ’cause I found out that one of my favourite journalist has a blog too!

Heart Gate is an Arabic blog by Bahraini journalist and cinema enthusiast (he’s also very involved in the Bahrain Cinema Club) Mohammed Fadhel. I always look forward to his columns, and now his blog will be a definite fixture in my daily cruises.

Thanks for the tip Haitham.

update 050820L2023: blogger link fixed thanks to News Reblog Blog team observation. Thanks guys


History? What the hell for?!

These are the kind of MPs we have:

Mr Al Mo’awda said he was not proud for the country to be associated with the burial mounds.

“We must have pride in our Islamic roots and not some ancient civilisation from another place and time, which has only given us a jar here and a bone there,” he said.

Civilisation didn’t exist of course before Islam. So why the hell bother with over 6,000 years of history? He’ll have us just make do with the last 1,400 years or so.

Rock on dude!

But his comments, which were backed by Jassim Al Mawali and Jassim Al Saeedi, angered other MPs, who called for the protection of the sites.

Of course he would have these usual asswipes to support this view. Thankfully, there were some who had some sense to slap them down:

MP Fareed Ghazi said that only six per cent of the burial mounds in A’ali remained.

“How can we as men of intellect and culture say such things about the A’ali burial mounds,” he said.

Mr Ghazi said they belonged to future generations and that building new homes should not be at the expense of an historic site.

Abdulnabi Salman was on a roll again (he must feel exhausted after the last week, Dhahrani certainly was, the swooning swan had to be hospitalised due to “exhaustion” last night… ضارب كزمه Ùˆ شيول يا خوك – no, his exhaustion apparently was due to his all out efforts to get the “Right to Assemble, processions and demonstrations” bill passed – as instructed by his masters – which basically puts everyone who dares demonstrate in prison, after being severely beaten for his or her efforts of course)

“How can you reduce one of the world’s largest historical burial mounds to a small site?”

With only a day to go in this parliamentary term, it’s brain farts open season it seems!


Wouldn’t switching the damned thing off be easier?

Khalifa Al-Dhahrani is at it again, this time wanting to not only control technology, but giving out 5 years prison sentances and thousands of dinars fines for something that cannot be traced.

Yes, I’m talking about Bluetoothed mobile phones again.

Bluetooth Clamp

Bluetooth violators could face up to five years in jail according to proposals submitted to Parliament by its chairman Khalifa Al Dhahrani.

and in this Arabic report from Akhbar Al-Khaleej, the actual text of the proposed law is given:

تقدم رئيس مجلس النواب السيد خليفة الظهراني إلى مجلس النواب باقتراح بقانون بتعديل المادة رقم (370) من قانون العقوبات وفقا لحكمي المادة (92) من الدستور والمادة (93) من اللائحة الداخلية لمجلس النواب.

المادة (370) قبل التعديل: (يعاقب بالحبس مدة لا تزيد على ستة اشهر وبالغرامة التي لا تجاوز خمسين دينارا او بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين من نشر بإحدى طرق العلانية اخبارا او صورا او تعليقات تتصل بأسرار الحياة الخاصة او العائلية للافراد ولو كانت صحيحة إذا كان من شأن نشرها الإساءة إليهم).

بعد التعديل: (يعاقب بالحبس مدة لا تزيد على ستة اشهر وبالغرامة التي لا تجاوز خمسين دينارا او بإحدى هاتين العقوبتين من نشر بإحدى طرق العلانية اخبارا وصورا او تعليقات تتصل بأسرار الحياة الخاصة او العائلية للأفراد ولو كانت صحيحة إذا كان من شأن نشرها الإساءة إليهم. ويعاقب كل من يستخدم هاتفا محمولا مزودا بكاميرا وقام بتصوير شخص دون علمه او رضاه بالحبس مدة لا تقل عن ستة اشهر او غرامة ألف دينار إذا كان من شأن هذا التصوير الإساءة إلى الغير او المساس بالآداب العامة. وتكون العقوبة بالسجن لمدة سنتين او غرامة الفين دينار، لكل من يتداول او يوزع باستخدام خاصية البلوتوث صورا او لقطات تمس الحياة الخاصة بالغير او تخل الآداب العامة. وتعد حيازة هذه الصور او لقطات الفيديو قرينة على تداولها او توزيعها. وتكون العقوبة السجن لمدة خمس سنوات لكل من يقوم باستخدام خاصية البلوتوث في الابتزاز او التحريض على الفسق والفجور).

وذكرت المذكرة الإيضاحية انه لوحظ في الآونة الأخيرة قيام بعض الافراد باستخدام الهواتف المحمولة المزودة بكاميرا او المزودة بخاصية البلوتوث باستخدامها استخدامات من شأنها تعريض المجتمع للخطر. وذلك من خلال القيام بتصوير الاشخاص من دون علمهم او من دون رضاهم وتداول هذه الصور او لقطات الفيديو من خلال خاصية البلوتوث. او تداول الصور ومقاطع الفيديو التي يحصل عليها من الغير من دون ان يكون هو الذي صورها. وذلك إذا كان من شأن هذه الصور الإساءة إلى الغير او كانت مخلة بالآداب العامة. وتمكن خطورة خاصية البلوتوث في انها تتيح للأفراد تداول الرسائل المكتوبة والمصورة والمسموعة من دون تحديد المصدر الذي تأتي منه، اي ان اي شخص يستطيع ان يرسل ما يشاء من الرسائل بأنواعها من دون ان ينكشف رقم هاتفه او اسمه او اي شيء يدل على مصدر هذه الرسائل.
Akhbar Al-Khaleej

I’ve written about this before of course when it first surfaced, but it seems that our parliament has become immune to the smell of brain farts.

I pose the question again. If you, your daughter, son, wife, husband doesn’t want the Bluetooth feature, why not just switch that feature off? Is that too difficult to comprehend? Or has proposing yet more useless laws has become a hobby, especially with the Oct 2006 elections looming closer?


Webmasters clamp ‘can prevent libel’

New rules asking webmasters to register their sites with the Information Ministry should not be used to stifle freedom of expression, political activists said yesterday. Some were totally opposed to any registration, saying it could be the beginning of a slippery slope which could lead to further restrictions and unfair legal action to be taken against webmasters.

Others said the registration rule should only be used to prosecute people for libel and similar crimes and that there should not be an attempt by government officials to control the content of websites.

National Democratic Action Society board member Ebrahim Alsayed said this development is the latest in a series of moves designed to stifle the population.

“It follows recent proposed anti-terror, gatherings and political societies laws, which are examples of backward steps being taken following Bahrain’s previous democratic reforms,” he said.

“It fits into a bigger scenario of the government controlling society, limiting freedom of expression, freedom of organisation and the ability of the public to put pressure on it.”


Al-Dhahrani’s at it again

Our illustrious Parliamentary Chairman not content with the state of our own laws, now suggests that we should import others from our giant neighbour (arabic); Saudi Arabia, especially as they pertain to the family, legal age and of course laws that would further demonstrate his complete “respect” for women.

It is done of course to “protect” women and minors. Nothing else you understand, and these laws will in no way impinge on their personal freedoms nor will they affect their way of life.

It’s not a big deal really, the laws he wants to pass are:

1 Restrict minor traveling without a parent or guardian’s approval. The age of majority in Bahrain is 21.
2 Restrict women (no age limit) from traveling unless approved by their legal guardian, be that their husband, father, brother or son as the case may be.

Can anyone spot a stupid moron in the house? Will you vote for him again? (Riffa are you listening? You’ve gotten more morons into this parliament and we want to make sure that you do so again next year!)


Off with their heads! Islamists propose Shari’a Law in Bahrain

In today’s Akhbar Al-Khaleej newspaper, on the front page, the Salafi/Wahabi MP Jassim Al-Saidi proposes the application of Shari’a Law in Bahrain and will table a motion to amend the Penal Law as such in parliament.

His argument of course is that it is a clear text in the Holy Quran, cut off the hands of theifs. End of story. He goes farther by quoting the actual text in the Quran, and the Teachings of the Prophet to support his case.

What instigated him is the abundance and the escalating number of crimes in Bahrain. Thievery is rife, rape and killings have escalated dramatically over the last 10 years. Al-Saidi’s resource to the Scripture and his demand to apply the Laws of Allah as prescribed by the Quran and the Teachings of the Prophet will defintely solve these problems.

Nancy Ajram and Big Brother were only the hours de avors. This is the entree.


Foulath on a roll.. get out of the way!

The right honourable gentleman Mr. Faisal Foulath [FF – let’s see if you can coin an appropriate phrase with his initials – I propose the first initial should be descriptive: fat – I leave the other to your imagination] of the Shoura Council is not resting on his laurels. Oh no, not at all, he’s now proposing a direct tax by way of a 50 Fils stamp the proceeds of which would go in part to finance his proposed Marriage Fund.

Brilliant! So he does have a plan! Phew, and here is little me thinking that he didn’t give his proposal serious thought. Silly me.

Let me give you my opinion Mr. Foulath and please take it to heart:

1] You’re not an elected official, so I don’t give a flying fuck what you propose.

2] Talk to people, oh sorry, you don’t have a constituency… so maybe you can read a few Bahraini sites/blogs for your edification.

3] copy and paste the following phrases in your word processor, increase the font size to 500 points, print it out, frame it, and hang it in a prominent place just to remind you of a few home truths:


4] lose some weight

5] crawl back where you came from, you don’t need to mouth off in the local press so that you too can get noticed.


Marriage Fund?

Now it’s the Shura Council’s turn to have a brain-fart.

Some bright spark looked at the marriage statistics in Bahrain in 2001 and decided that not enough Bahrainis are marrying each other with most men opting to have foreign wives, so what does he propose? Throw money at the problem and it’ll go away!

He’s proposing setting up a “marriage fund” where it will provide between BD 1,000 (US$3,770) to BD 2,000 to “help with the marriage expenses”. The enlightened rules he’s proposing putting in place are:

The marriage fund will be over-seen by the Ministry of Justice, and create (another) committee whose membership includes the Minister of Islamic Affairs (president) and 5 officials from various other ministries: Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Economy, Information, Labour and Social Affairs, Transparency office and one person from the Women’s council. Another five each from one of the municipal areas in the country representing the “people”. All of these officials are to be appointed by an order from the Prime Minister’s office after consultation from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs. And yes, we do need yet another committee. Gotta keep them in jobs right?

The fund is going to be stoked by – yes you guessed it – the budget, aka, you and me.

So who’s going to benefit? The applicant has to be:

1. Bahraini
2. Shouldn’t be less than 18 years old
3. Wife should be Bahraini
4. classified as “low income”
5. this “help” is only given once
6. shouldn’t be already married

So a Bahraini woman can’t apply to get married, only men need apply. Women? Hah! not so important.

These people have nothing better to do with their time other than increase the number of inbred morons we have in this country. What will this fund do other than encourage people to forget their schools and universities and get married as early as possible, of course have kids as soon as they get married, increase their responsibilities, leave school to provide for the family and generally increase the lines of unemployed and entrenching poverty.

Don’t even think that marriage is a very personal decision and the government and the various do-gooders like Islamic societies have nothing to do with it. Forget about scientifically analyzing why Bahraini men choose to marry foreigners in the first place. Let’s just take the fast road to (1) bankrupt this country with the various harebrained ideas like this, and (2) increase poverty by encouraging people at the very start of their lives to not think of their higher education to get better jobs. Just let’s get them screwed (literally in this case) and they’ll forget about us.

Well done McDuff. Rock on!


…and I thought democracy means constructive criticism?

The Bahraini press is threatening national unity and abusing the democratic system, the Minister of Information was quoted as saying yesterday.

Nabeel Al Hamer was quoted during a meeting with newspaper editors as saying the government will not tolerate those in the press who are trying to “sabotage” the democratic reforms.

“We will not, under any pretext, tolerate those abusing the democracy now available in the kingdom in order to sabotage the democratic achievements,” he told them.

Gulf News | By Mohammed Almezel | 10-06-2003

and this comes from a journalist! The minister was the managing editor of Al-Ayam newspaper for a very long time. It’s heartening to find his views have changed somewhat since he became the minister of information.

So what the hell is happening here then? This “outburst” was due to a couple of articles in the papers that I think constructively criticised the government. And isn’t constructive criticism the basis of democratic life? So what should we do now? Just turn a blind eye to everything that might be deemed “offensive” or against the government?

gimme a break.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND, either be democratic or let’s just go back to where we were before ’99. At least then everyone knew what the rules were and where the red-line was. Democracy as far as I understand it doesn’t have any red-lines. If the law on the other hand did set a red-line that no one is allowed to cross, let the (competent) courts handle that through laws, but don’t just keep shifting the line here and there at a whim.