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Saint WHAT?

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How incompetent is the Bahrain News Agency?

Well, here’s your answer, if you need convincing that is:

PM leaves for UK

date: 08 04, 2006

Manama, April. 8 (BNA) Prime Minister Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa left here today on several days visit to the United Kingdom to attend the graduation of his grandson Shaikh Khalifa bin Rashid Al Khalifa from Saint Herst Royal Military College.
The Prime Minister was seen off at the airport by Deputy Prime Minister Shaikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa, Chairman of Representatives Council Khalifa bin Ahmed Al Dhahrani, a number of ministers , Chairman of Bahrain Petroleum Company Shaikh Salman bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, top officials , the Governor of Muharraq and UK ambassador to Bahrain.
Bahrain News Agency


MPs want Islamic law to curb crime

A Bahraini MP yesterday called for the gradual introduction of Sharia (Islamic) law to deal with all criminals. Another claimed that thieves should have their hands chopped off because “God ordered us to do so”.

However, one described the punishment as unfair if adulterers are not stoned.

The comments were made in parliament yesterday as MPs discussed amendments to the country’s Penal Code.

Fourteen MPs, led by Shaikh Mattar, have submitted a proposal to chop off the hands of people caught stealing, as well as send them to prison.

They are pushing for the punishment to be included in criminal law, despite objections from other MPs who say it is a matter for Islamic scholars to decide.

Shaikh Mattar first proposed the introduction of Islamic law last month, but says he wants to start with thieves first.
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Told you so!

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Remember this discussion we’ve had way back in April 2004 in which I contended that:

This is however what I have seen, an unsuspecting motorsports tourist approaches, he gets handed the “package” he walks away opening it as he does so thinking he’ll get something about motorsports, a restaurant guide, a tourist map, etc and discovers that someone wants to convert him. The same person (several actually) walk then to the closest rubbish bin and toss the whole package in there.

Do you think the bin is the right place for the Holy Qur’an?

Well, some mug just got fired for doing just that. And get this: Islamist parliamentarians are blowing it again out of all proportion, demanding an extra-ordinary parliamentary session probably to roundly denounce this infidel, and ask his embassy for a full apology!

Well done Discover Islam, and of course the usual suspects in parliament… isn’t it wonderful that there are now UNDER 200 days left for the inauguration of (hopefully) a better parliament?


Mohammed Khalid appreciates good shit

MP Mohammed Khalid displayed his cache of drugs while questioning the Interior Minister in yesterday’s parliamentary session.

MP Mohammed Khalid displays his cache of drugs

I guess he wants to display the ease with which one can get drugs in Bahrain. That’s fine, and its common knowledge, but bringing his cache to parliament (a joint and some pills) and accuses the coast guard of not knowing the difference between milk powder wheat flour and cocaine (as if he does.. but wait, maybe he does!) is a bit much.

What’s next? Bringing slaughtered carcasses of sheep and goats into the parliamentary sessions to make a point?

Mohammed Khalid should most definitely smoke that joint (or is that a pill?) he’s holding aloft, God knows he needs to chill more than anyone else!
ref: Al-Wasat :: 15 Mar ’06A


Dammit, it’s STILL ain’t enough!

Or that’s what both Ibrahim bu-Sandal AND Yousif Qardawi think, so they’ve organised a conference in Bahrain for March 21st to chew the fat and spit out condemnation notes:

Scholars from the Arab and Islamic world will discuss the lifting of the ban on Danish goods in a conference in Bahrain on March 21. The meeting will also review the offences of Danish newspapers and contemporary Islamic matters.

According to Ibrahim Bosoundel, spokesman of the Bahraini Committee for the Support of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Muslims in Bahrain would continue to boycott Danish goods despite the official apology of the Danish authority.

“The Danish government’s apology wasn’t good enough as the statement regrets the offence but highlights the importance of the freedom of the Press,” Bosoundel said.
Bahrain Tribune :: 11 Mar ’06

Excuse me guys, what else do you want? Can you give us a list so we too – being good Muslims – can join you and “protect” our Prophet’s reputation? I mean, we all know that we hurt Denmark very very badly by throttling their economy, all 0.025% of it that owes it’s living to Bahrain, and oh the huge figure of 2% due to the full Arab trade with Denmark. Aren’t they drowning in their tears… we showed them didn’t we?

Hang on a minute though, if we’re not hurting their economy, and if we’re not accepting their apology (no matter how hard they try), then what’s all the fracas about?

Open your senses and smell the hummus. There is this guy called Amr Khaled who is trying to organise a conference in Denmark for Islam’s scholars to discuss this infraction, while his friend Yousif Qardawi is berating him for dampening the flame of outrage in the Muslim world!

Yousif Qardawi

Now we get it. Personal agendas. Nothing more and nothing less. This is nothing to do with Islam, nothing to do with the revered Prophet, nothing to do with anything other than to continue to find excuses, no matter how thin, to attack the evil West. So thanks Denmark for providing the excuse… we’ll use it.

But why the hell host this thing in Bahrain? And why invite such an intellectually bankrupt leeching personality like Qardawi to be in it for God’s sake? Is this what we have descended to? Who’s going to sponsor this “conference” which will be nothing more than continuous rants and conspiracy theorists?

Let me save bu-Sandal and Qardawi the trouble and write their conference resolution for them: “the West is corrupt and there is a huge conspiracy against Islam and Muslims by the West.”

Ok, fine, we know that broken record by heart. But we also know that the world does not manufacture vinyl any more and people have moved to MP3 players, not just kept up with the invention of compact disks.

When will a conference be launched here whose concluding resolution would say something like “yes, we understand that not everyone in the world shares our view and high respect for our prophets, and that is their opinion and no matter what they throw at our prophets’ reputations, Allah will continue to protect them and their religions. We also recognise that everyone has a right to speak, no matter how crude or unsavoury their speech gets to be.”

I’m not holding my breath… but, one request to the powers that be, if and when he comes to Bahrain to do his thang, please, pretty pretty please, don’t take pictures of him with every high official we have on the island (no pictures with the king, ok?), as that would give his cause credence, and ours disrepute. Let him stay with bu-Sandal and Saidi. They deserve each others’ company.


Gender equality is not high on Qassim’s mind

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In actual fact, it’s not there at all. The equality question that is, not the mind:

Shaikh Isa Qassim

قال رئيس المجلس الإسلامي العلمائي الشيخ عيسى أحمد قاسم: «إذا كانت الحياة النيابية تجد صفوفاً رجالية كافية فالأولوية تفرض أن تجد المرأة شرف المكانة العالية في مجالات أخرى كالتخصصات الفقهية»، مشيرا إلى «أن تحقيق الاكتفاء داخل صفوف النساء في التعليم الديني وتخريج المبلغات من المستوى المتقدم والكتابة والبحث هو مطلب نسعى لتحقيقه».

جاء ذلك خلال كلمة ألقاها قاسم في مهرجان الولاء الزينبي بصالة شهرزاد مساء الأحد الماضي. وكان الأمين العام لجمعية الوفاق الوطني الإسلامية الشيخ علي سلمان ترك أمر مشاركة المرأة في الانتخابات النيابية المقبلة إلى ظروف الدوائر وكفاءة المرشحات والمرشحين فيها. ونقل عن قاسم في وقت سابق معارضته مشاركة المرأة في الانتخابات البلدية بسبب طبيعة العمل البلدي.

وتناول قاسم قضية دخول المرأة الحياة السياسية موضحا «أن المرأة صارت تبحث عن مواقع جديدة في الحياة»، مستغربا «ربط النساء الرساليات بين المعنوية وبين تقلد المواقع السياسية وشعورها بأنها إن احتلت موقعاً سياسياً فستشعر بالسعادة»، متسائلا «هل للمرأة المسلمة في ظروف الحشمة والتعامل الإسلامي مع الرجل أن تشعر بالنقص والتخلف إذا لم تتقلد منصباً سياسياً؟».

What the esteamed “Ayatollah” Shaikh Isa Ahmed Qassim is asserting here is the substandard role women should play in society, according to him and Islam. He specifically forbids women from entering parliamentary politics (he’s already categorically forbade them entering municipal elections because municipality work is not appropriate for women, he thinks) because it is his position that if men are available, women are required to “take the high road and work in positions more commendable to their nature.”

What are those, dare one ask?

Well specialisations in religious studies of course! Not that they could ever become imams in their own right of course, but maybe he’ll teach them subservience and being third-class citizens as portrayed in the Quran, Sunna and of course being a Shi’a leader, the sayings of the 12 apostles. One of whom (Imam Ali (AS)) has already described women in his Nahj Al-Balaghah (Path of Eloquence) as half-brained creatures not worthy of much consideration:

O’ ye peoples! Women are deficient in Faith, deficient in shares and deficient in intelligence. As regards the deficiency in their Faith, it is their abstention from prayers and fasting during their menstrual period. As regards deficiency in their intelligence it is because the evidence of two women is equal to that of one man.

So is it any wonder that this guy, and his “Ulama Council”, are vehemently against the proposed Family Law?


Syria’s reforms are a guiding light for Al-Dhahrani

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Khalifa Al-Dhahrani

Bahrain Speaker of the House Khalifa al-Zahrani gave support Thursday to Syria’s political and economic tendency praising “progressive steps she is witnessing in field of development, progress and economic reform.”

Can someone please find out what Khalifo is on and can I have some please?

Is the guy completely off his head or what? Praising Syria for their democracy and progress? What democracy and what progress for God’s sake? And the charade doesn’t stop there.. oh no it doesn’t:

both speakers conferred the future of the interim Arab parliament to be headquartered in Damascus and efforts exerted to make it a genuine representative of the Arab people.

Lift your jaw off the floor for Heaven’s sake, whatswrongwijoo?

Don’t believe that this is not a figment of my imagination? Read the full release (just 4 paragraphs, they don’t want to tax themselves you see. The shorter the lie, the more it is likely to be believed, they think.)


Any bananas?

Because we have a bunch of baboons in the Parliament.

We have one who wants to chop hands off as a punishment for thieves AND throw them in prison for their troubles, while the other wants to publish names and possibly pictures of “criminals” even before their rite to appeal has been exercised.

No, don’t shake your heads in dispair, it’s time to email these baboons to tell them that we do not agree with them.

Click the pictures to email them:

Shaikh Ali MattarKhalifa Al-Dhahrani

All this when Bahraini law contravenes international law and signed agreements when it treats 15 year olds as adults.


Selective snail-mail

As if anyone actually uses the decrepit Post Office in Bahrain…

Well we do if we are absolutely forced, otherwise I have no problem of paying any of the courier companies multiples of what I would have been charged using the “services” of the post office.

Why? Because to send a letter (invoice or whatever) from Manama to Sitra for instance, a distance of probably not more than 20kms, expect that it would take a minimum of 14 days to be delivered! So now every business, well small businesses anyway, practically beg companies not to send cheques through the post, but call us to collect payments, pretty pretty please. But if you’re a government agency, they are bound to use the post office facility and send the cheque by registered post. That adds another week for the blasted thing to arrive in the office!

You get “the message” now that we (generally in Bahrain) tend to avoid the post office like the plague… but some people still use it, which you would think the post office authorities would come down from their towers to kiss the hands of those “customers” who actually choose to use their services.

Not so.

Especially if you are a political society!

Have a look at this

علمت «الوسط» من مصادر مطلعة ان «أحد مكاتب البريد منع رئيس الهيئة المركزية لجمعية وعد عبدالرحمن النعيمي من القيام بإحدى مراسلاته بسبب وجود اسم الجمعية على ظرف المراسلة، ليعود بعدها مكتب وذلك البريد ويسمح له بإرسال المظروف من دون أن يكتب عليه اسم الجمعية»، مضيفة ان «نادي العروبة تعرض للموقف نفسه، إذ منع مكتب البريد النادي من إرسال مجلته الدورية بحجة عدم وجود اسم النادي في القائمة المسموح لها بالمراسلات، وقامت إدارة النادي بمراجعة المؤسسة العامة للشباب والرياضة التي وعدتهم بمراجعة الجهات المختصة».

This article which appeared in Al-Wasat this morning states that when Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Nu’aimi, the God Father of the democrats in Bahrain (he used to head the National Democratic Action Society before stepping down recently) went to the post office to send a book to a friend in Europe, he was refused service!a because the envelope he wanted to use had the NDAS logo and address on it, that made it “an official communication from an unauthorised political party” as their name was NOT listed in the “authorised list” of those allowed to utilise the post office services!

A R E Y O U S H I T T I N G M E ?

Didn’t the Ministry of Transportation ever hear of email services? Oh forget this “high technology” lark; what about the couriers? We have four major couriers fist-fighting for business, do you think they would refuse a political organisation or whoever else’s custom? Where are we exactly, the dark ages where messages have got to be sealed with wax and delivered on donkeys to their final destinations that you would intercept the messenger and kill the donkey?

Anyway, what did Mr. Al-Nu’aimi do? He changed the envelope to a plain one and the post office accepted his package!

Talk about judging the book by the cover, for this is exactly what the post office authorities did: they cared more about a logo than they did about the book which might have contained hugely more interesting, and potentially damaging information! (not that Mr. Al-Nu’aimi would do such a thing, I’m just giving an example.) In any case it is none of their business what a customer uses for an envelope and what s/he is sending through their service as long as the package and envelope meets with their packaging rules and regulations and that it does not contravene other laws (pornography, pedophilia, etc as set by local law.)

So yes, the Ministry of Transport is officially on my shit-list now, a veritable addition to the stable together with the Ministry of Information. It should have been added to the list quite a while ago actually, considering that it too is responsible for the communication sector, internet and telephony etc. but it has been (and always was) a very low profile entity that no one really cared about. It doesn’t add any value whatsoever for being in the government organisation. Can it, together with the Ministry of DisInformation. Guys, you cannot stop information, electronically or physically, to reach its intended recipient. So give up, for God’s sake give up and die a merciful and very much overdue death!

لعدم إدراجهما ضمن «تعميم المواصلات»
«البريد» يمنع مراسلات باسم «وعد» و«العروبة»

الوسط – مالك عبدالله
علمت «الوسط» من مصادر مطلعة ان «أحد مكاتب البريد منع رئيس الهيئة المركزية لجمعية وعد عبدالرحمن النعيمي من القيام بإحدى مراسلاته بسبب وجود اسم الجمعية على ظرف المراسلة، ليعود بعدها مكتب وذلك البريد ويسمح له بإرسال المظروف من دون أن يكتب عليه اسم الجمعية»، مضيفة ان «نادي العروبة تعرض للموقف نفسه، إذ منع مكتب البريد النادي من إرسال مجلته الدورية بحجة عدم وجود اسم النادي في القائمة المسموح لها بالمراسلات، وقامت إدارة النادي بمراجعة المؤسسة العامة للشباب والرياضة التي وعدتهم بمراجعة الجهات المختصة».

من جهته أكد رئيس الهيئة المركزية لجمعية وعد عبدالرحمن النعيمي الحادثة موضحاً «لقد منعني موظفو مكتب البريد من إرسال مظروف يحمل كتباً كنت أنوي إرسالها إلى صديق في دولة أوروبية، بسبب عدم وجود اسم جمعية وعد في القائمة المعممة إلى مكاتب البريد»، مشيراً إلى أن «موظف البريد أخبرني بضرورة تغيير الظرف أو إزالة شعار وعنوان الجمعية الموجود على الظرف، وأخبرت الموظف بأن جمعية وعد مسجلة وفق القانون وهي معترف بها لدى أجهزة الدولة، لكن الموظف قام بإعطائي قائمة الهيئات والجمعيات المسموح لمكاتب البريد إرسال رسائلها أو حتى استقبالها وذكر لي أن هذه القائمة عممت على جميع مكاتب البريد من قبل الإدارة، وبعد اطلاعي على القائمة لم ألاحظ وجود أي جمعية سياسية فيها سوى جمعية العمل الإسلامي التي مازالت مسجلة لدى وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية»، مضيفاً «إن ذلك يعدُ سابقة في البحرين، إذ لم يحصل مثل هذا في أي مرحلة من المراحل».
ويأتي ذلك بعد أن كانت مصادر مطلعة ذكرت لـ «الوسط»: أن وزارة المواصلات أصدرت تعميماً إلى جميع مكاتب البريد في البحرين، يمنع المراسلات التي تقوم بها الجهات والهيآت التي لم تسجل رسميا لدى أجهزة الدولة، مشيرة تلك المصادر إلى أن «الوزارة قامت بالطلب من وزارة التنمية الاجتماعية تزويدها بأسماء الجمعيات والهيآت المسجلة لديها، وإن الوزارة تسلمت القائمة من وزارة التنمية وقامت بتعميمها على جميع مكاتب البريد».
Al-Wasat Newspaper


ما في الديرة رجال؟

تأسيس لجنة للدفاع عن الرسول يرأسها السعيدي

أعلن مساء أمس في الرفاع الشرقي تأسيس لجنة شعبية، وذلك للتعبير عن سخط الاهالي من الاساءة الى النبي الكريم عبر الصحف الدنماركية ومن موقف حكومتها من صحافتها المحلية، وتم تشكيل اللجنة تحت مسمى «لجنة الرفاع للدفاع عن الرسول الكريم» وتم اختيار النائب جاسم السعيدي رئيسا لها، وناصر السندي أميناً للسر، وطه الشميري منسقاً عاماً لها، وستقوم اللجنة بجمع حملة من التوقيعات من أجل الاستنكار للاساءة والتطاول على الرسول الكريم، ولم تغفل اللجنة دور المرأة في الحملة إذ تم تعيين ام مصعب للاشراف على الجانب النسائي.Al-Wasat

الحين إنتوا ما حصلتو أحد يدافع عن نبينا الكريم إلا الي أساء و يسيء إلى أهل بيته؟ ليش يا ناس؟ ما في الديره رياييل؟

حسبي الله عليكم!