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Soooo close, but no cookie

renaultf1.jpgIt would have been a fantastic (uneventful) race and Schumi was doing his magic. His prancing horse however was lame today for some reason; it was all energetic and good throughout this season, but has let him down at the most important stage. Engine smoke might look very good matching the light-blue of Alonso’s cart, but it most definitely doesn’t look at all good on the Red Baron’s ride.

So Alonso wins it today, by default. All he needs now is a single point in Brazil to Schumi’s possible win for him to retain the title.

The up-side of this I guess is the knowledge that Ferrari is not a walk over, and no matter what the final outcome of this game, Michael Schumacher is the undisputed legend of the sport.

It would be a very interesting next season with all the side-moves within the teams, and we’ll see what the kid does with his new livery.


NOOOOOOOOOOOO… Michael, one more year please!

He’s officially retiring at the end of this season.

Everybody was expecting it. The press was filled with predictions, but only the champion himself and his managers knew that he was going to drop a bomb this afternoon, and he did.

But what style! The Kid blew his engine, lost 10 precious points to his Master, and now there are only two points difference and 3 more races to wind this shindig up; and that, my friends, I have not an iota of a doubt that The Master, the greatest racer who ever lived, owner of almost every single record in F1 will do once again, for the eighth and final time.

Thanks for the thrills Michael, I am sure that this will not be the last we hear from you and I await you taking leadership in a small team and building it up to a world-class standard.


Where did Kimi come from?

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Just looked at the starting grid for tomorrow’s German Grand F1 Prix and Kimi Räikkönen is on pole! Where the heck did the guy come from? Well I don’t particularly care as long as he bites into the fluke’s lead and shortens the gap between the kid and the Ace! 😉

And where is the kid in all this? 7th on the grid, where he bloody well belongs, but I’m sure the bastard is packing, and he’ll do a one stopper or go long in the first stint and surprise everyone. We’ll see how it pans out…

Don’t call me tomorrow afternoon while the race is on, unless Earth stops rotating that is, but I would notice that in any case because the race would be red flagged unfortunately!


Kitchen too hot for some…

Juan Pablo Montoya leaving F1Maria, what’s happening to your friend? Gets out of F1 to join NASCAR? What lunacy is this?

Juan Pablo Montoya: “When people think of moving from Formula 1 to NASCAR, some people think I’m crazy, but I think it’s exciting. I think it’s a great challenge for my career.


JPM: “I don’t think you’re going to be happy getting more money and being miserable all day.

“When I called Chip I said, ‘Chip you know what. I want to come back racing, and I think the best place to do racing is here.’

What utter bull. The guy was lacklustre since he came to McLaren and even before then. I had very high hopes for the guy and he showed a lot of promise, late last season and so far this season he was almost unheard of.

He’s simply giving up and getting out before he’s booted out, if he wasn’t pushed in the first place.

What a disappointment.

Update 060711L2041: Ha, he’s been given his walking papers early!


Precidents work…

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Take for example this year’s F1 season opener in Bahrain which garnered much better television viewer figures than the traditional opener held at Australia, that – business-wise – should be enough to move that fixture permanently to the BIC in Bahrain, and it looks like Bernie is considering it.

And why shouldn’t he? The BIC has brought in BD 116 million last year and looks on track to bring in even more this year. All for an initial investment of BD 150 million, according to the GDN anyway, and we all know how reliable that paper can be. I’m skeptical at the figures because they look believable – as far as the revenues are concerned – if they are expressed in US Dollars rather than Bahraini Dinars (a Bahraini Dinar is equal to 2.65 US Dollars); how can an investment of BD 150 million return most of that investment in one year? I’m sure that the drug lords are envious!

There is no other way to find out the actual revenues because they apparently do not produce any annual reports, and if they do, they don’t post them on their website. I can ask I suppose, but this is not an investigative journalism piece, just various thoughts that crossed my mind as I was reading the GDN earlier. Even if the revenue numbers are wrongly represented in BD and they actually are in US$, last year’s revenue still constitutes a revenue-to-initial investment ratio of 29%, which is huge, and that is for a single year! I don’t know what their net margin is though…

If, on the other hand, that these numbers are actually correct, then more power to you BIC and everyone who sails in her; I have no problem their past success and wish them a lot more in the future… it just sounds a bit incredulous to me.


The Boy busts another record!

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Michael Schumacher on the way to his record breaking pole position at ImolaMichael Schumacher dominated qualifying today at Imola, recording his 66th career Pole Position and moving ahead of the previous best of 65 recorded by Ayrton Senna at this circuit 12 years ago. Schumacher’s Bridgestone-shod 248 F1 looked especially well hooked up as he stopped the clocks with a 1:22.795s, nearly two-tenths clear of the field.

“With the car we had, getting a pole was sort of obvious, but it is always great to start from Pole,” Schumacher said. “The record is less important for me. You look at records when you finish racing. I think we can show our very strong race pace.”
F1 Live

To all of MS’ detractors out there… the boy is on his 66th pole, the highest ever recorded in F1 history – okay, if you take away that altercation with Villeneuve and him being penalised, some would say that would bring his “official poles” down to 63, but hey, he WAS on the front of the grid for 66 times and that’s what counts.

The race tomorrow, especially with the make up of the grid (I hope that Barrichello doesn’t do anything stupid “just to prove himself”) should be an interesting race…

Where are you going to watch it? C’mon, tell all where is the best place in Bahrain to watch the race!


Ferrari front row in Bahrain!

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Michael Schumacher celebrates pole in Bahrain's 2006 Grand PrixThe prancing horse is back with a force!

The qualifying sessions just ended with Michael Schumacher on pole, Filipe Massa next door on second, and the reigning champion (I’ll refrain from calling him a fluke) is on a low fourth. Our friend Kimi Raikkonen lost his rear spoiler and trashed the car, of course. There is no way that you can have an F1 without an unlucky Finn.

    1. Michael Schumacher (Ferrari)
    2. Filipe Massa (Ferrari)
    3. Jenson Button (Honda)
    4. Fernando Alonso (Renault)
    5. JP Montoya (McLaren)
    6. Rubens Barrichello (Honda)

So it should be quite a thrilling race tomorrow…


Vlog #18: At the Drag Races

Arif and I attended the recent FIA Drag Racing event on Nov 12th, 2005 where we hoped to witness the top-fuelers and funny cars put to the track. Unfortunately due to the recent changes then to the track – which was extended a few days before the event to cater for these cars – there were a number of problems that the BIC had to contend with: non-sticky surface sent a lot of cars wobbling; a very dangerous thing as you might imagine at the speeds those things go at, and the electronics associated with the timing circuits objected for some reason and that created further delays.

The event was almost cancelled, primarily because of the non-grip situation as I understand it, but Kareem, the Mr. Fix-it of the BIC pulled quite a number of rabbits out of his hat and fixed that major problem by layering and re-layering the rubber sticky/glue material on the track, while other people finally fixed the Christmas tree and the 1/4 mile trip.

Unfortunately as Arif had school the next day on (the finals were held on Friday, and schools of course start on Saturdays) we couldn’t stay till the end and we called it quits around 10pm.

It was good seeing the various cars go on the track, and the noises and smells were beautiful.

This is the first movie I upload to YouTube, let me know if you prefer this method of vlogging display or the old one with Quicktime files.