The view from Bahrain

Mahmood's Den blocked by Bahraini authorities


Human rights?

Freedom of Expression?

President of the UN?


Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the Bahraini Government is a signatory of states:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

The Bahraini Constitution’s Guarantees of Freedom of Speech

Article 23 of the Bahrain Constitution: Freedom of opinion and scientific research is guaranteed. Everyone has the right to express his opinion and publish it by word of mouth, in writing or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law, provided that the fundamental beliefs of Islamic doctrine are not infringed, the unity of the people is not prejudiced, and discord or sectarianism is not aroused.

Article 24 of the Bahrain Constitution: With due regard for the provisions of the preceding Article, the freedom of the press, printing and publishing is guaranteed under the rules and conditions laid down by law.

Article 26 of the Bahrain Constitution: The freedom of postal, telegraphic and electronic communication is safeguarded and its confidentiality is guaranteed. Communications shall not be censored or their confidentiality breached except in exigencies specified by law and in accordance with procedures and under guarantees prescribed by law.

new slogan for the Ministry of disInformation launched:

لا شيعي… لا سني… لا محمود!
no shi’i… no sunni… NO MAHMOOD!

ُthanks for coining this mate! 😉


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  2. AndyV

    (no shi’i… no sunni…) have they converted you into a 100% atheist? 🙂

  3. Moey

    am I the only one here thinking it’s stupid that governments control internet, they block porn sites in Kuwait as if a 5 years old can’t use a p2p to get a porn movie

  4. bystander

    oh well this is interesting… the blog was working this morning but not now… so Ahmed Bokhowa, IT Mngr at MOI.. how does it feel to block one of the most read blogs in the world?

    Do you think that by blocking this blog in Bahrain, people are going to stop coming to Mahmood’s blog and reading his content?

    Don’t count on it mate! and now for the power of RSS and Aggregators! :drum roll:

    might be nice to set up and use TOR servers in china and iran for complementing those set up in bahrain

  5. Post
  6. Post
  7. Bahraini

    Bystander, do you really believe Ahmed Bukhowa from Ministry of Interior is incharge of this??
    Sorry but I think you’re mistaken

  8. Kiwi Nomad

    When will the Ministry of disInformation realise that the more you try to suppress people from their basic human right to freedom of speech, the worse will be the consequences in the long run.

    I keep waiting for the King (or more likely the Crown Prince) to get involved in this issue and disband the Ministry for once and for all, but maybe they’re too afraid of an Islamic Fundamentalist backlash. Bahrain will suffer as it is increasingly being held hostage by those who would rather take the country back to the Middle Ages / create another Saudi!

  9. Post

    Love it Ali, thanks! Already started using the new banner. You the man! 😉

    Kiwi, thanks for your sentiments. Truly appreciate all your support.

  10. Ali

    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله ..
    والله حالة

  11. dag

    The constitution seems to contain several exceptions e.g. “or otherwise under the rules and conditions laid down by law”.

    However there still might be

    a) Some sort of appeal/complaint process for administrative decisions by the government.

    b) A lawyer with experience in HR type cases. In other words; SUE them!

    While you might get the ban lifted at some point silently, there is really nothing like taking the “powers that be” head-on in court! I’ve had to do this myself when faced with ridiculous “orders”… (though not familiar with the law of the land in Bahrain!).

  12. River

    omg lol love the banner , stay tough and know you have all our support….was wondering why i couldnt access you for a few days there

  13. Suad

    The picture is funny

    But its good we can communicate and read your postings again ..

  14. Suad

    I got the link in Moodyz website, it will be a good idea if other bloggers do the same. It will be easy then to find your web site. Put then you have to bear the sequences, your blogs might be blocked :grinnod:

  15. amal

    what’s happening is repulsive.. and those people are kookoo!

    oppression is the easiest tool for those who lack the courage to fight.. way to go!

    Btw, love the new banner..

  16. Will

    Is the MOI obligated to offer any sort of justification for this nonsense? The law would seem to be against them.

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