The F1 Gathering

It was really fun to watch the final of the race together and I think everyone enjoyed being glued to the TV screen (and not killing the staff due to problems with the audio which the guys valiantly fixed by turning up the set’s volume to 100%!) and stuffing our gobs while doing so too.

It would have been a lot funner had Hamilton won the championship in his rookie year, but lady luck had other plans I guess. I have no doubt that he will clinch it in the coming years and will no doubt – if his class improves and the equipment he drives stays the course – he will approach the great Michael Schumacher at some point in his career.

Pictures? I took a few with my mobile and stitched a couple together to give you a feeling, click on the compilation below to view the set:

The Bahrain bloggers’ gathering number 33.5


  1. Finlandi

    Muahahhahaha 😈 The Fin finally did it! and about time as well.. that should shut my friends up…

    Fins are back at the top of motor sports yet again, and we wont let go easily…

  2. Eyad

    It was a very interesting race, great performance by Hamilton, Kimmi, Massa, Kubica, Rosberg and Alonso, I wished Hamilton had won the race, he would have been the Ideal champion but his performance was great as a rookie, I am very positive that we will see more from him as well as Rosberg and Kubica, its about time the young guns take the lead in this sport.

    I am predicting an even more interesting season next year, and more deputes of younger drivers in the next few years.

    thanks to all those who attended last night, and special thanks to Mahmood for getting everyone there.

  3. ash

    Like the Terminator, Hamilton will be back … He did damn fine, exceptionally brilliantly well. So he missed the championship by one point, but what a first season and what a race he drove to get home in 7th place.

    Congratulations to Finland, though most of all I love Finland for giving the world Moomintrolls.

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