Friday Podcast/Pics – Martin Whitaker and some pitbabes

Miss V8

Miss V8, originally uploaded by malyousif.

It’s a beautiful day, you all should be out enjoying it, and what better way to do so but be at the track enjoying the symphony of engine music?

please click to download the interview with Martin Whitaker.

To put you in the mood, I’ve done an interview with Martin Whitaker, the CEO of the Bahrain International Circuit about various things, the circuit, the community, his experience, future plans, and whether the Abu Dhabi circuit made an offer for him yet! Listen to the following Podcast to find out!

The original upload was playing rather weirdly but after investigating the plugin I use a little, I found that the problem is with Flash which can’t play 48k files, it is limited to multiples of 11.025 hence we both sound like we are talking while under-water! Please download the file and play it on your computer rather than listening to it online. Next time I’ll change my mic’s setting to 44.1 so that I don’t fall into this stupid trap again. (We sell these mics by the way!)

Have a wonderful Friday my friends…

  • CerebralWaste
    2 November 2007

    More PITBABE pics please!!!!!! 👿

  • Mavis
    3 November 2007

    You talk about racing, but have a picture of a beautiful blonde pitbabe…hehe. You’re going to have Salmon in a snit over this pic Mahmood. 😉

  • mahmood
    3 November 2007

    It’s called marketing!

  • Kevin
    3 November 2007

    Cars are great, but Mahmood’s photo is greater :).

  • mahmood
    3 November 2007

    You are very kind!

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