Congratulations? Really? Really?

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Two men suspected of attempting to assassinate the editor of a Bahrain newspaper have been arrested early this morning.

The duo, aged 27 and 21, have admitted attacking Al Watan managing editor Muhannad Abu Zeitoun, Public Security chief Major General Tariq bin Dayna said.

They have been referred to the Public Prosecution, he said.

Mr Abu Zeitoun, 31, suffered a shoulder injury after being stabbed with a sharp object and his car was also set on fire at 3am on Wednesday outside the Arabic publication’s office in Riffa.

The Palestinian was taken to hospital, but released shortly after treatment.

His Majesty King Hamad received cables of congratulations from officials and citizens over the arrest, praising the security authorities for the quick action in the case.

They also strongly condemned sabotage and violence in the country and pledged their support to the King for his efforts to strengthen Bahrain as a land of peace, security and justice. GDN

Do those people who took the initiative to congratulate his majesty like this have no shame whatsoever?

For god’s sake some people were arrested but have not been tried and convicted yet you morons!

Talk about jumping the gun just to kiss ass.

Those congratulatory cables should have supported his majesty in his call to apply the law and the observance of all relevant legislation, rather than congratulating him for the arrests. What they have done, in my view, is nothing less than insult his majesty and going completely against his continuous reminders that Bahrain is a country of laws and institutions, not of the haphazard application of the law and chaos.

Absolutely ludicrous.

  • AbuRasool
    30 August 2010

    An ordinary monarch would certainly be insulted by the develping lynching atmosphere in the country. Ours, however is not an ordinary monarch.
    Do you think that cables would have sent and publicized without a nod from the royal court?

    • mahmood
      30 August 2010

      I bet Batelco already has a predesigned telex template too in that case! Quick way to make money: call and ask for a BD5, BD7.5 of BD10 message….

      This is almost like a comic scenario if true…

      Do you have a spare room available for long-term rent? 😉

      • AbuRasool
        31 August 2010

        Sorry can’t do. It is the wrong time to put this question in this town. At each start of the Autumn term scores of exchange students as well as natives stay without roofs over their heads. The recurring acute housing problem is part of our town’s jealousely defended traditions.
        Come back after the election 🙂

        • mahmood
          31 August 2010

          Well that’s no good excuse. You forget that you can pay high-priced public relations consultants from Europe and the States to spin it properly. This housing shortage is just a fallacy, nothing more, then feed it to Bahrain TV to gouge it and the friendly press to make a broohaha for a couple of days then you can come out on your shiny whity horsey as the savior handing out the keys. When someone complains, brand them as terrorist and ban the press from ever dealing with the issue.

          So what’s the problem? There’s no problem and I’m knocking on your door next week!!! 🙂

  • E.
    1 September 2010

    arrest them now only to release them on eid! better not arrest them at all I say..

    and why on earth would they congratulate and for what exactly?? they’re so bad at sucking up that they offend instead of actually sucking embarrassing!!

  • The Realist
    5 September 2010

    Go back to the second sentence of the report.
    The duo ADMITTED attacking the editor.
    Now I dont want to go over your head here, but that is called a confession. (it means they said “Yep! We did it! Stabbed him good!)
    So now there is no argument of innocent or guilty, they say they are guilty themselves.
    It is now just a question of how hard they will pin their asses to the wall.

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