ISIS and Islam are inseparable

Islamic terror is gripping the world with Muslims now being confronted – rightly – to do something about their own grown extremism. The world would no longer tolerate placebos and political correctness and simple condemnation. They want action. The world has also lost patience with Islamist apologists who maintain their myopic position that ISIS and Islam are separate and with that they absolve themselves from any other necessary action. “We have nothing to do with them. They’re not Muslim.” But they are! Everything they do is based on the Quran, Hadith or Islamic Tradition. In a literal rather than a figurative sense too.

Islam must take responsibility for the various violent and terrorist groups it spawned in its name throughout history.

My contention – just like the Dalai Lama – is that prayer is no longer enough. Muslims need to reform Islam and its core to expunge it from violence and prejudice. I know that this stance will not be popular but it is a discussion that is long past due, and I invite you to contribute to this topic in the hope that it will create a nucleus of change for the better of humanity, and ironically, the very survival of Islam in a modern and fast moving world.

Here’s the start of the discussion on my Facebook wall:

Well, ISIS has everything to do with Islam. Only when you reform Islam will violent groups effects will be mitigated. Until then, people who continue to be in denial and go on about how “IS has nothing to do with the religion of peace” are actually doing more of a disservice than even IS. So face reality and demand reform, separate religion from state and then you will have some semblance of normalcy in your lives. Until then, ISIS and groups like it will continue to be Islam.

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Well, ISIS has everything to do with Islam. Only when you reform Islam will violent groups effects will be mitigated….

Posted by Mahmood Al-Yousif on Thursday, November 19, 2015

  • Steve the American
    20 November 2015

    If you separate Islam from violence, prejudice, and the state, what’s left?

  • James McNulty
    21 November 2015

    Mahmood let’s suppose you “reformed” Islam and separated the religion from state – do you really believe that will shut the path for people with an aggressive tribal ill-natured culture to form itself in a variant colour under the banner of Islam?

    The argument of reforming Islam itself bears no water as people of political and animalistic interests will either way incorrectly institutionalise a moral banner for immoral interest.

    Muslims need to go back to the original teachings of Islam rather than reform the religion itself. They should think twice about the sources of deriving Islamic laws and do away with glorifying tyrannical personalities who ruled after the Prophet died. That is where so-called “Islamic” terrorism originates from and need to be countered. Unfortunately, to paint ISIS and Islam with one brush is still and will remain far-fetched.

    • Steve the American
      5 December 2015

      ISIS is an expression of the original teachings of Islam. Islamic terror originated with Mohammed, who waged war to expand Islam, gleefully beheaded captives, and assassinated critics. ISIS is perfectly imitating Mohammed’s example.

  • jay kactuz
    26 November 2015

    A vary brave post, Mahmood, but I think it is hopeless. A reformed Islam is not Islam. Likewise, regarding Mr. McNulty’s post, the answer is not a return to the original teachings of the prophet because these do not teach peace, either in theory or practice.

    As I said, it is hopeless. We all will suffer. Bad times are coming.

    Take care,

    jay kactuz, long time reader.

  • Wayne Job
    26 December 2015

    Hi Mahmood,
    I read your blog now and again, thank you for this post as this is how most people in the west think. It is not a people problem it is a reform problem. Religion in the west was reformed and separated from government long ago. You are a brave man to post this. Wayne

  • Exclamation Mark
    30 December 2015

    Sorry Mahmood?

    You say:
    Everything they do is based on the Quran, Hadith or Islamic Tradition. In a literal rather than a figurative sense too.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but do you say that Islam calls for violence, and the proof of it is this minority that literally follows it’s teachings?

    What kind of reform is it that you’re calling for?

    Reform is just a big word, and too easy to mention in an article.

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