The first 10k run experience

On a chance discussion about my new new self with my friend Karla Solano one day, I mentioned that I’m enjoying running. For the first time in my life, I could actually run an uninterrupted 30 minutes at a respectable pace on the treadmill. Me being me, I wanted to go to the next step as soon as possible; as it happened, one of the side-events at the annual EO Global Leadership Conference in Athens this year is a half marathon. I registered for it. My thinking is I’ve got 6 months to train to ace it!

I told Karla this and she suggested some very practical things that I need to do to make that aspiration happen: half a proper training regimen, go run outside rather than the treadmill and participate at interim marathons to get the real feel of this type of competitions. Karla has fully embraced this lifestyle herself and transformed herself into a health fiend! So happy for her. What EO taught me is to listen to experience, and ditch the unsolicited advice. Karla’s journey into health is a credible one and I was more than happy to seek her experience and take some of that on-board. Time to get busy!

I downloaded the Hal Higdon Novice 1 Marathon App (don’t you love the iPhone? There’s an App for <i>anything</i>!), entered the Athens half marathon date in there and started running outside, following the apps program. It actually works, and I like the stats it generates as they incentivise me to do better.

Today was the day that all of the above came together. I ran the Alareen 10k Run this afternoon, an event that brought in over 400 runners of all ages, shapes and sizes. It was fun, but a lot of hard work. The weather is getting hotter, but it wasn’t too uncomfortable. I had to hold myself back consciously several times at the start of the run and remind myself that I have to run at my own pace, rather than the crowd around me. It was as much psychological as it was physical. I learnt quite a lot from the experience and I look forward to learning some more and get inspiration from other runners as well.

Bahrain Road Runners, you gained a new member!

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  • Bonsaimark
    17 March 2014

    Congrats Mahmood on the 10k! The Boston Marathon is coming up. Pop on over and take a shot at “Heartbreak Hill”.

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The first 10k run experience